LaurenKitsune and heyheybuddy believe that Triscuit is a delicious cracker.  Incorrect.  They are wrong.

I will award five one-month Core Memberships to the best comments that educate LaurenKitsune and heyheybuddy about their heinous taste in crackers.
Henry Ewww!
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mabelkStudent Digital Artist

Understand this: Eating a Triscuit is like eating paper. Might as well not eat at all. This is why Ritz and other delicious crackers were born, to save us from the disaster know as Triscuit crackers. While some crackers are in the middle between good and bad, Triscuits are fully bad. Please take this advice, not with a grain of salt, but with 100% confidence that it is true

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SplendorTheWolfStudent Traditional Artist
More like Pisscuit!!!

omg i don´t even know what a triscuit is
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starvingartistProfessional Interface Designer

I saw this Triscuit tweet trending and thought of your post right away =)

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That was a wild ride!

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BellaHikariHobbyist Artist

It's a cracker that wants to be a Trisquel but lacks of druid magic to be worth of it. Btw they lack of magic at all.

I haven't see this crackers here in Argentina, but they seemed like a bizzarre mix of other ones i hate.

I know I'm late, but it was a hard month that passed by incredibly fast and unflavored, like this crackers.

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humblehillsHobbyist Artist

Wow. I can't believe I just saw this status update now. Feeling very suspish of heyheybuddy & LaurenKitsune now. Triscuits...really? Oooof....this is RUFF STUFF.

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akiestarHobbyist Photographer

There's a reason why out of all the crackers on God's green Earth, we were given SkyFlakes. I should consider bringing some to enlighten the likes of those who think Triscuits are even decently good!

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Koushoku-jinHobbyist General Artist
:iconflyingheartsplz: :iconthisplz: :iconflyingheartsplz:

Best combination with peanut butter ( smooth ), and any jam flavor :chew:
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TheSpiritOfSpiritsHobbyist Digital Artist

LaurenKitsune heyheybuddy Triscuits are fine, but Cheezits are WAY WAYYY much better. Enough said.

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wotawotaHobbyist Digital Artist
"Triscuit" Bear Emoji-37 (Wondering Question) [V2]  Frankly, I never heard about it ... but now I want to try it desperately!! Xena - Icon Add Media - Kofuku Senbei 
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AcerbicalProfessional General Artist
May as well be eating cardboard...or wicker furniture/products... Gag 
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Koushoku-jinHobbyist General Artist
:iconyoyosighplz:   * ...sigh... *

:iconyoyoimpatientplz:   I feel very disappointed with you two senpais... making Heidi -senpai cry alone at home... even ikazon had to buy ice cream for her :grump:

:iconyoyoangryplz:   So I'LL BE THE ONE to tell you that you're WRONG with what you told her!

:iconyoyochestpoundplz:   I'll straighten this out that my Complaints Forum Regular Senapis had taught me~! I'll be the Hero~!

:iconyoyoteachplz:   You... BOTH OF YOU... LaurenKitsune and heyheybuddy -senpai had to choose the one of many Post Wolrd-War-2 tier snacks, so ill-conceived barely-palatable yet loaded with so much chemicals, unbounded sugars and excess salt to enhance it's flavor; a wheat by-product meal that had to be pressed into little squares then sold as a snack to the public at what a price?! There be better -- NAY! -- Far more superior crackers out there; in South East Asia alone, there's a multitude of snacks that are far better than those made in North America -- not even USA's Cheetos could make a profit in my country, since it's flavor, by local standard, is so bland it's as close to eating cardboard~:la:

:iconyoyomadplz:   Now... go back to Heidi -senpai, and kindly apologize to her that you made the wrong decision of saying such hurtful opinions...

:iconyoyocurtnodplz:   And if it wouldn't be a bother, buy her some Cookies-and-Cream, or any ice cream that could help her feel better, really :nod:

:iconmonkeyscareplz:   ...or you can expect some nameless monkey rading your kitchens at night...
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heyheybuddyHobbyist Artist

Triscuit hate? Don't make me laugh.

Triscuits are so good it's not even funny. I'm talking flavor, texture, robustness, variety, and versatility. It's got it all. No amount of hate and lies will convince me otherwise.

Wishing you and your friends a life full of Triscuits

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TekknicalArtStudent Digital Artist

Triscuits are:

-Not a thing in Australia apparently, which I suppose means I should count myself lucky that I've never had to suffer their presence on my tongue.

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Triscuits are akin to:
Burnt biscuits, An extremely dry and abused burlap sack, and the scaly elbow of an outdoor dog in Arizona.
Tasting similar to grass, woven together with twine and sprinkled with sawdust.
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TropiCat212Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well... I personally say that Triscuits are DANG GOOD.

But, I have to admit one of my favorite crackers (unfortunately now being discontinued) are the Publix brand "Cuban Galletas", which translates to "Cuban Crackers". They're hard yet semi-hollow on the inside, and have a satisfying crunch to them. Since they aren't even salted, they go GREAT with lots of sauces and such, like salsa. I HIGHLY recommend trying them with hummus though! It's the best, they're sturdy enough to hold a large blob of hummus without even cracking and don't fall apart in the hummus like a Triscuit would!

*cracker war initiated*
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hannahelizabethhStudent General Artist
hey now triscuit are a good cracker! ;) CHAOTIC_GOD  eat eat it heidi EVIL Laughter! 
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AstralseedProfessional General Artist
I don't have any fun comments, but want to get in on the anti Triscuit wagon.  
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Triscuits are terrible cracker. At the very least eat a wheat-thin! Those have much more flavor than triscuits!
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SwaggieVortex733VAHobbyist Digital Artist
I never had any Triscuits but I did have Goldfish, Cheez-Its, Ritz and other crackers so I'm cool

Totally crackers for lots of crackers!!
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aqdrobertHobbyist General Artist
Too many carbs. Too much salt. Doctor showed me my charts. :O
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Your doctor is wise.  Please substitute any and all Triscuits with this one-month Core Membership.

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