I'd like to have an official DeviantArt contest/event for the Literature community called It's Lit:fire: ;)

What should it be about/be comprised of?  Share your ideas and let's see what we can make happen!
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Published: July 9, 2018
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What about creating a story chain in where everyone can participate?.. story chains can be fun and funny ~...
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Malintra-ShadowmoonHobbyist General Artist
I would say that the contest should be for poetry (all forms: traditional and free verse) and for prose (especially short stories). Interesting would be to include also visual and found poetry.
There should be a word limit between 1,000 and 2,000 words as stories are a bit longer and there also exists ballad poems that can be quite long, too.
Well, I have read that the fav theme is fire/passion.

I would it define a bit more open and suggest "light". "Light" can be fire, too or a bonfire as well. A heart full of "light" can be a heart full of "passion". Most important is that you are not bound to a specific topic as light means not only fire, it can also be hope and many other positive things. The theme should be one that is positive and uplifting, gripping (not in the sense of horror, but in the sense of moving a heart/a person).
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Perhaps writing a story, and deciding winners from each category, e.g. 0 - 5000, 5001 - 10000, etc.? 
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lovelymars908Hobbyist Writer
Well. It's about time this is finally coming along. Contests were only just confined within the literature community, not that it was a bad thing.
But I'm just happy this happening for the first time.

I don't have much to say on the contest itself other than agreeing with others have said. Having poetry and prose, brief entries, have different subcategories of prompts.
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LadyLincolnHobbyist Writer
I am still trying to get over the initial shock of a major DeviantART website themed Literature contest. :faint:

This aside, most of my ideas/suggestions in regards to it have already been covered. But, to refresh:

Keep it simple, open it to poetry and prose, set a reasonable limit length for both and offer "lit" prizes to get people involved. (Might also want to contact the heavy hitters within the Literature community when it gets closer to time to help with official announcements for it, i.e: your Literature CVs to help spread the word, since not everyone follows you.)

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NineFireStar General Artist
Haikus. ;P That way I have time for it. :D
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AkatixHobbyist Artisan Crafter
So many great ideas here - definitely tying firey themes in would be a great fit for the title and summer! 

Perhaps asking writers to give their interpretation of fire in itself? Whether it's warm or dangerous, comforting or terrifying. Maybe have a few steps or 'classes' in which people can enter and be judged separately. That way you can include the poets, the songwriters, and the freeform writers and not struggle to judge them against the prose, fiction, and non-fiction writers. 

Super excited to see what comes of this! 
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To keep entries manageable, you could limit word length to something like a thousand words, which is widely accepted as the length of flash fiction.  Long enough to develop a complete story, but short enough to be read in a couple of minutes.
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chaseawaythedarkStudent Writer
I like all of the fire/ camp ideas, but what about the true meaning of "lit": getting drunk? How about recklessness and living in the moment or something like that as themes :eager: 
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KaizenKittyProfessional Writer
:thumbsup: also good   :DrunkBummy: 
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Yes! I mean 'fire' is a great theme, but it's not what I immediately thought of for a piece based on "It's Lit!". I thought of high energy and Bacchanalian partying. 

So yeah, I think the theme should be up to interpretation.. or based on some prompts that cover several interpretations of the theme.
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KaizenKittyProfessional Writer
Camp fire? :) Bonfire? Maybe some allusion to Camp NaNoWriMo?
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RoughArrowPhotosHobbyist Photographer
I love this :)
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Caffynebeenz1901Hobbyist Digital Artist
When I hear the term :It's Lit!" I think of fire and excitement around fire, like camping, hanging out in the backyard by a firepit, or fireworks. Lol, thats just my opinion.
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The-Golden-KnightHobbyist General Artist
I wish I had something specific...but the thought "It's Lit" gives me a sense of excitement.
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I like the idea of fire/passion. I'm with BeccaJS and have a pet peeve about writers writing about writing. I think it's self-absorbed and really limits the audience, myself.
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KaizenKittyProfessional Writer
:thumbsup: agreed
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I too agree with that pet peeve. 
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WDWParksGal-StockHobbyist General Artist
:thumbsup: Such an awesome idea!
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Yuukon Writer
Loving this! I think, like many others before me, that "it's lit" itself would already be a fun theme! It's open to so many interpretations.
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SRSmith Writer
Absolutely love the idea!

It would be really interesting to see what ‘It’s Lit’ means to each writer, the interpretation of the phrase itself and what that inspires would be fascinating!

It probably makes sense to have a poetry and prose track. Both will wind up with vastly different types of entries. Also, maybe a word target or cap for prose? It gets hard to judge long stories, so a range to keep submissions somewhat constrained would make working through the entries a little easier on the judges.
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KaizenKittyProfessional Writer
It gets hard to judge long stories,

yeah and it also takes too long to write (good) long stories :) so not feasible unless time limit for this contest is very long...
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Yes to all of this!
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