deviantART's 11th BirthdAy: Let's Celebrate!

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By Heidi

August 7th, 2011 marks deviantART's 11th birthdAy, but in true devious style, we're taking a whole week to celebrate! Our original plans for Deviants Appreciation Day were so huge that there was no possible way to express our love for the community in a mere 24 hours. Instead, we've created Deviants Appreciation Week, and what better time to host a week's worth of community-oriented events than in the days leading up to our birthdAy?

Each day this week, we have something special organized for you to participate in! Check out the schedule of events below to come party with us!

In Skribble, our latest community contest, we challenge you to take random scribbled lines and create something incredible! All members of deviantART may enter. To learn more and download the template, check out this news article. Oh, and did we mention awesome prizes?

Skribble Contest

Normally reserved for only Premium Members, we're allowing all deviants the ability to use JournalSKINS. During our birthdAy week, any deviant can install any JournalSKIN. (Though, we especially encourage you to use the official deviantART 11th birthdAy skin. ::wink, wink:: You can install it by clicking below.)

Skribble Contest

Ever stare into the clouds in an attempt to find shapes and patterns? If so, the "What Do You See?" Contest is for you! #CommunityRelations challenges you to look at four abstract photographs creatively and illustrate what you see while incorporating deviantART elements into your work. This contest runs through August 15th.

#dAseniors is hosting the "11 Things I Love About dA" Contest, asking you to write a list of your eleven favorite aspects of deviantART. This contest ends August 7th.

#CommunityRelations has launched the "11 Years of dAvolution" Contest that runs until August 20th. In this contest, your task is to represent the event(s) that you believe had a huge impact on deviantART and the community.

What's better than viewing embarrassing pictures of deviantART staff members and volunteers? Having the opportunity to make fun of them and win prizes! Head over to #Caption-Contest, check out the images, and leave a hilarious comment. (But keep the etiquette policy in mind!) All entries must be in by Sunday, August 7th at 11:59 PM Pacific.

Show us your true deviant style by picking up our deviant branded items in the deviantWEAR shop! Starting on Tuesday at midnight Pacific and running for a limited time, use the coupon code "deviant" when checking out to get 10% off specified "deviant" gear, perfect for the big day on Sunday!

Skribble Contest

Today marks the return of the uber-popular BirthdAy Bash game in dAmn! Join one of five teams, from llamas to furries to ninjas and more, and compete to be the best in this awesome chat event.

The contest will close at 11:59 PM Pacific on Sunday, August 7th. Read this news article for all the details on how to play!

Wednesday is also a day for Forums junkies. We all know that long cat is long, but for our birthdAy, we're introducing a new thread specifically designed for creating long cake! Keep an eye on the DrawPLZ forum for the Long Cake forum thread and use deviantART muro to add a layer to what's sure to be the most massive and delicious cake in history. Who knows? You may even get a cake badge or two for especially amazing layers!

#CommunityRelations & #Fella are bringing you a Birthday Scuzzle! Get ready to search high and low and near and far to piece together the puzzle image and win the chance to grab some cool prizes.

Writers, this day is especially devoted to you! Express your inner poet with a birthdAy themed Haiku Contest (to be announced via #hq).

Join members of the deviantART staff from 5:00 – 6:00 PM Pacific in #devart! Feel free to ask us questions, share comments, talk deviantART history, and chill with some of your favorite administrators. Click here for your local time.

We've compiled a list of favorite memories and deviations as chosen by various staff members, and we want to share them with you. Take a walk down memory lane and check out these amazing features!

The big day will be here, and we'll all celebrate together! On this most hallowed of deviantART holidays, we'll be bestowing a tick upon the latest group of senior deviants. Keep an eye out for the announcement from $chix0r!

#CommunityRelations is hosting the deviantART Birthday Hunt for a full 24 hours! Are you good at seeing the "Whole Picture?" If so, try your hand at this birthdAy game!

Just for the 11th birthdAy, we're giving away a free Deviants Appreciation Week keychain with every deviantWEAR purchase (while supplies last)! Pick up some of your favorite deviantWEAR gear and get this exclusive silver and black keychain proudly displaying the deviantART logo. Be sure to check out the deviantWEAR shop on that day!

In addition, we'll be hosting chat events and having general birthdAy shenanigans in #devart all day, so be sure to join us!

We truly thank you for joining in the spirit of community with us. Whether you've been here for 11 days or 11 years, we ask you to share your favorite deviantART memory in the comments below! Happy 11th birthdAy, one and all!

Show off your deviant pride and celebrate this landmark event with the newest addition to the deviantWEAR store, the 11th Birthday T-Shirt!

© 2011 - 2021 Heidi
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