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For weeks, we've been teasing you with our "It's coming..." campaign.
Claiming that something  was innovative, expressive, inspiring, and coming...
soon! With August 7th, 2010, upon us — aka deviantART's 10th birthday —
the time has come to unveil the product we've spent months developing:
deviantART Muro!

From start to finish, deviantART Muro
allows users to create complete works of
art in ways never before realized by
digital drawing programs. deviantART Muro already
boosts standard and interactive brushes,
full-blown layer capabilities, and the
ability to upload directly to your
deviantART account, but we've also left
room for expansion. You can expect to
see many features and functions added in
the coming weeks and months.

  • deviantART's free HTML5 powered drawing app
  • 21 brushes, each uniquely programmed
  • Basic and Pro modes, both free
  • Intuitive layout and functionality
  • Supports all HTML5-enabled browsers including the iPad
  • Submit drawings directly to your deviantART Gallery
  • Convenient design allows more focus on your art
  • Join fellow deviants in a public forum to share drawings
  • Start private threads in your group's Admin Area and enjoy picture comments

A handful of deviantART's top digital artists have been
helping test deviantART Muro, ensuring that it's exactly what they,
and the community, would expect from our top-tier drawing
tool. The nine deviations to the right were created exclusively
with deviantART Muro and accurately depict the tool's wide range
of drawing capabilities.

The time has come for you to start using deviantART Muro!
The standalone tool is available in both Basic and Pro
modes — Basic for beginning artists and Pro
for more experienced users.

If you're interested in sharing drawings with friends,
two options are available via Basic mode.

Participate in the deviantART Muro forum to share drawing
enabled forum comments.

Groups can choose to allow drawing enabled
comments in the Private Discussion Forum of their
Admin Area.



We've been developing deviantART Muro for many months now and to finally release
it to the world is an important and special moment for us. Many
conversations have brought us to this point and we've come to realize that
making deviantART Muro as widely adoptable as possible, while still giving
enthusiasts options for expansion, is one of the tool's most integral features.

Deviants can sit down with deviantART Muro and have fun from the first stroke, or
can spend hours crafting the perfect masterpiece. An intuitive drawing tool
that's easy to understand and master, with the benefit of being contained
within a single browser window, we truly believe that deviantART Muro will
revolutionize how art is created and shared on the Internet. The work our
developers and engineers have put into this product is inspiring and is a
testament to deviantART's commitment for enhancing and revitalizing the arts.

Please join me in leaving your mark with deviantART Muro.

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