The Road to 100 Million Deviations!
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Published: December 29, 2009
It's a Deviation Celebration!
DeviantART's 12 million members, the largest collective of artists anywhere in the world, have contributed nearly 100 million deviations! Let the countdown begin…

As a site that many different creatives call home – from photographers to game designers to culinary artists – what will the 100 millionth deviation be?! Will it be another Flash game to inspire Nintendo's game department? A Simpsons re-creation to compel a hire from Matt Groening? Something to inspire Shia Lebouf's next tattoo? It could be anything!

Bookmark this page now and check back frequently to see what will take home the honor of being named deviantART's 100 millionth deviation!

The Prize
The deviant who submits the 100 millionth deviation will be awarded the special prize of a lifetime Premium Membership. That's right! This lucky deviant will receive never-ending access to ad-free browsing, artist discounts, and whiz-bang site features for all eternity. This is not to be taken lightly, friends. It very well could be you!

Noteworthy Deviations
DeviantART would not be what it is today without all the wonderful contributions our artists have made, and continue to make, to our special community. Over the years, deviantART has had the pleasure of hosting many very special deviations. Here are a few we thought deserved a special mention:

(in no particular order)


Line Rider
One of the most popular deviations of all time. Since 2006, it has been downloaded over 2 millions times and went on to inspire the creation of a game that is now available on Nintendo DS, Wii and the iPhone.

The Simpsonzu
This deviation was such a viral hit that it compelled Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, to extend a job offer to the artist.

Prisoner of My Own
Shia Lebouf definitely +fav'd this deviation. How do we know? He tattooed it on his abdomen.

Xbox 360 plushie
kickass-peanut's deviation was picked up by XBOX magazine where it received a cult following. The artist went on to produce and sell the item by the plush-le.

Heart of a Lion
This beautiful photo won the Grand Prize in National Geographic's Ultimate Photo Contest. The win earned the artist a trip to the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador.

Windows Seven December 07
xazac87's deviation became a viral hit as the official "first look" at the Windows 7 interface. After millions of pageviews, it was discovered that the image was incorrectly identified as a leak. The artist is still waiting for a job offer from Microsoft.

Animator vs Animation
alanbecker's stick figure animation became an Internet phenomena in 2008. It currently has over 7 million pageviews on deviantART and 5 million on YouTube.

Jaycee Lee Dugard
johnpaulthornton paints pictures of missing children soon after they go missing from their families. Eighteen years after painting this picture, Jaycee Lee Dugard was returned to her family.

Sprained Minds
suzi9mm submitted this community favorite in 2004. Maybe "favorite" isn't the right word.

Tetley Competition Winner
In 2003, gdphotography won a lifetime amount of Tetley Tea with this photo. Actually, we're not sure if he did, but he should have.

Who is deviantART?
Since August 7th, 2000, deviantART has given emerging and established artists a platform to showcase, promote, and share their work. Our 2,500 genres of art cover a vast array of styles, media and culture. From traditional art to digital art, fine art to anime, street art to fashion photography, film and animation to poetry and literature – incredible diversity and depth of creativity flourish on deviantART.

Please Note
All possible deviations from any possible category are eligible to hold the title as the 100 millionth deviation. To hold the title, the deviation must otherwise comply with the deviantART Terms of Service and Submission Policy; for example, it needs to be the work of the deviant who submits it. If the deviation falls out for non-compliance with the Terms of Service and Submission Policy, the next subsequent qualifying deviation will receive the honor of the title.
I thought deviantART had 100M deviations already?
DeviantART had surpassed 100 million image uploads to the site many months ago, but it has not yet reached its 100 millionth deviation. Many images that are uploaded to the site are not valid deviations, including those that are categorized as drafts or "scraps" and those that do not adhere to the Terms of Service. Please join us in celebrating the arrival of deviantART's 100 millionth deviation by bookmarking this page, watching the counter and adding comments.
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Gosh, no progress since I last checked. Come one people! 98,134,652 down and 1,865,348 to go!
Pancakes654's avatar
Who's going to submit these last needed 1,865,348 Deviations?
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tf the winner of the lifetime core deactivated they were so lucky
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DrawmachiineStudent Digital Artist
Oh my fucking god, the 100 millionth deviation is THAT?
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MichiLauke Photographer
Never forget -  this was just a very special moment on dA... ;) (Wink) -->> The 100 Million Moment... by MichiLauke
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DittySamaHobbyist General Artist

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Where's the timer?!!
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Shame the winning deviation is deleted :c
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NaiuouStudent Digital Artist
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ctrl-alt-deleteProfessional Digital Artist
I remember watching the countdown and trying to submit mine on time for number 1,000,000. Where has the time gone?
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Cookie71266Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I cant even see this entire comment. Seriously. I'm not joking. It's covering it up. You can't even see this.
Cheetahrocks's avatar
CheetahrocksHobbyist General Artist
Who won?
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You guys should totally do another of this.
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YoukahHobbyist General Artist

the counter broke
ItsAnArtParteh's avatar
ItsAnArtPartehHobbyist Traditional Artist
Shit, soon enough I myself will have 1 million deviations. XD.
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RaymondEternalHobbyist General Artist
Wow Awesome Contest , Sadly I didn't Win :D
BirdHime's avatar
I can't read it =(
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SkoryxHobbyist Digital Artist
The 100th million deviation was a. . .yaoi story?

I'm laughing pretty hard right now. xD

I wonder what the billionth one will be. . .
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NaiuouStudent Digital Artist
you serious? ლ(◉◞౪◟◉ )ლ
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Silver-moon123Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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sneha07Hobbyist Writer
gosh the counter is on the 100th million.
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FictasyHobbyist Writer
Damn...Whoever wins is the luckiest S.O.B. on the planet.
( Or the whole nine realms, for that matter )
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