The 2010 Snowball Fight and Holiday Puzzle!

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Round 1, Fight!

Many shenanigans are afoot at deviantART -- including a grand snowball fight for all to partake in!

Solve the snowy puzzle to the left to unlock a cool coupon code, or simply jump down to the comments zone below to throw snowballs.

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A Winner Is You

When you successfully complete the puzzle and submit         your high score, you'll receive an extra amazing code         for a super-secret discount to be used in the deviantART Shop! The code doesn't change, so one for all and all for one!         But do remember that cheaters never win!

Simple Rules

This game and overall tomfoolery is open to all         deviantART members worldwide! The best news?         Membership is free! And feel free to play as many         times as you wish, but the code will remain the same.

What Is This I Don't Even

Puzzles have been enjoyed for ages, but super-awesome digital puzzles are         the waaave of the future! Read on to see how we do things in the digital         age. (Or you could, you know... remember how you've done puzzles in the past.)

  •         To move a puzzle piece, simply click on the piece and drag it to         anywhere on the board. Once you select a piece, it will be on top         of the pile, so you are aware of the one you clicked.
  • To rotate a piece, click on the piece, then hit the spacebar or the         arrow keys in the direction you want the piece to rotate.
  • Once you find two pieces that fit together, drag one next to the other,         and if they're a true fit, they will automatically mesh together as one.
  • The puzzle won't take up the entire space, so use the extra space to drop         pieces you are unsure about.

© 2010 - 2021 Heidi
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rotu8kerotu8ke's avatar
That puzzle was HARD!
But, ah... :iconsnowballleftplz::icongutzygirl::iconsnowballrightplz:
UnknownLyricist's avatar
i know im kinda late, but this is pretty fun :D
xXBooKingXx's avatar
oh my god! That was a hard puzzle :phew: :iconsnowballplz:
I love these games and I hope this method
العاب فلاش of loading of the game how is the way, thank
MrLuigiFreak101's avatar
This was really fun XD
annahrox's avatar
:iconsnowballleftplz: hur hur hur >:D
akatony1's avatar
okay, is it just me, or if you beat a certain time do you get 99999.99 seconds? i just got 61 seconds, but it gave me 99999.99
Wicasa-stock's avatar
I found out that if you submit multiple times, but you did better once before, it kicks your new one to the 99999...category. It remembers you did better and saves it higher up on the list.
akatony1's avatar
k. that was just really infuriating. I figured my score might be near the top 500. Oh well. Thx.
Wicasa-stock's avatar
It said the top person did it in 16 seconds??!!! How does someone do that?
Wicasa-stock's avatar
I don't know but come on..16 sec?
Druddy's avatar
Maybe the person played it so many times, that the whole puzzle's just a matter of memory for that person. >.>
akatony1's avatar
I declare hacks
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