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With 13,000 new deviants joining deviantART each day, we want to ensure everyone's user experience is seamless. A common question from new and old deviants alike is: "What do username symbols mean?" Over the years, as we’ve surveyed deviants, we’ve found that very few understand symbols.

As part of our ongoing process to make the user experience cleaner and more intuitive, we've launched a new set of username symbols designed to help easily identify deviant-types.

Easily Identifiable

At a glance, the new symbols are quickly recognizable. When hovering over a username symbol, a tooltip appears, providing a brief explanation of that user's deviant-type. If clicked, a modal appears, giving a brief explanation for each username symbol, with "Learn more" links that lead to more detailed explanations.

A word from Heidi:

Over the years, a few things have come to seem like deviantART mainstays. Deviant green, intricate art categorization, colorful avatars, symbols next to usernames. In our constant re-evaluation of what's best for longtime deviants and new users alike, we do sometimes need to stop and ask ourselves if a makeover for some aspect isn't overdue. Changing username symbols was one of the harder things we evaluated.

I've been testing the new symbols for a few months now, and while I love its sleekness, its clear message, I do occasionally find myself missing my old symbol. Symbols have permeated into deviants’ minds, made their way into works of art, and sometimes defined how deviants thought of their front-facing persona on the site. But I can honestly say in good faith, I think this new design will permeate the community just as the original system did. It beautifully aligns with the design direction we’ll be traveling moving forward, and, perhaps best of all, it doesn't require insider knowledge for understanding.

I invite you all to memorialize the old symbols and commemorate their meaning from ages past in any expression that inspires you. But I know these new symbols will usher in a new era with just as much meaning and visual attachment as ever.

Heidi, VP of Marketing

Looking Ahead

We appreciate that the previous username symbols have a long history and have become ingrained in the deviantART community, and we want to assure the community that this change was not one that was made lightly. Many factors were taken into consideration, most notably that removal of the old symbols allows us to implement more technological advancements in the future, including Mentions. Given time, it’s our hope that the new username symbols will become an emblem of deviantART culture.

© 2013 - 2021 Heidi
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How do you become a senior member??
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I think you got confused, no offense, but i think the "Beta tester" and "Premium Member till heck freezes over" are flipped, or i am confused, anyways, thanks for the symbols!
LunarWolfmin's avatar
Question: What does the "100K" mean at the end of someones name?
Unknown[1] by LunarWolfmin
I don't understand!
Jirvey's avatar
That's only for people with the 'One Click Llama Button' and all it means is that they have 100,000 llamas and can no longer receive any more.
LunarWolfmin's avatar
Jirvey's avatar
No problem at all
IHamby's avatar
Can we get the original symbols back, now? I want my ~ again.
xTamiTea's avatar
Anyone have a link to see the old symbols? (I actually have little clue) Are the old symbols... for instance:
MelMuff's avatar
Here you can personally change the Core symbol to the old Premium symbols if you wish to do do. However, this will only be viewable on your own personal computer and not site wide.

[Stylish] Against CORE Stars - Old User Symbols by racheru-tan
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~ for normal members
* for premium members
= for beta testers
` for senior members
^ for Community Volunteers
$ for staff members
# for groups
! for banned/deactivated accounts

There were more beforehand, and some were changed:
@ for MNAdmins
^ for gallery moderators
: for... I can't remember this one
(C) (Copyright symbol) for the Copyright Enforcement Team
- for Yay-I-Broke-It
& for something that I can't remember ether...

I think there was even more too, over the years.
SilentxTime's avatar
*[username] was used for premium memberships
=[username] were for beta testers
~[username] was just a regular member
But that's all I can remember.
xTamiTea's avatar
Oh, okay. Thank you! (I kind of wished they stayed, too. I used to aspire to have the ` symbol, lol.)
starryu's avatar
i miss these
EdmondRad's avatar
there should be a symbol for deviants who've been members for 10 or more years. mainly bc we been long time members and i think thats important 
EdmondRad's avatar
hey thanks man x)
DigitalCubist's avatar
No problem at all, I really agree with you. It'd be a nice little idea to add for dedicated users.
WhiteBoneDemon's avatar
Over two years now, and the new symbols and logo are still as much of an eyesore as when they came out. They look out of place and childish, the orange colour clashes horribly. Fuck this place. :dead:
Foxiibles's avatar
I enjoy having a membership, but the orange kills. Why is it orange anyway? Isn't deviantart GREEN?
bepise's avatar
oh maan.

when these were a thing.

good times man.

good times.
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