May the 4th: Celebrating Star Wars Day

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Og-preview by seoul-childUnleash your inner Jedi! This May the 4th, we want to see your favorite Star Wars fan art.  Share it by posting a comment on our journal.

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Celebrating Star Wars Day

Celebrating Star Wars Day

This year, on May the 4th, DeviantArt wants to pay tribute to all the amazing artists who continue to produce inspired works as dedicated fans to honor the Star Wars characters and iconic scenes we know and love… and even the ones that cause the hate to flow through us. From strapping Han Solo to laughing Salacious Crumb, from Jar Jar’s clumsiness to K-2SO’s brutal honesty, the Star Wars Universe (and, dare we mention, the Expanded Universe) is well-represented in the DeviantArt community.

Last winter brought the sad news of Carrie Fisher’s passing. As often happens when a voice of such illumination is suddenly silenced, our community reacted in the best way they knew how -- with an outpouring of emotional works of art, each conveying the strength and regality of her most famous role.

In the weeks after “The Last Jedi” teaser trailer and Star Wars Celebration, it seems the world is basking in an especially bright lightsaber-like afterglow. Of course, some diehard fans would say the sparks of that glow began a long time ago (the ‘70s -- and not in a galaxy far, far away), but with “Rebels,” “Battlefront,” and “Rogue One” easing the pain of wait time between final-trilogy installments, fans can now consume their favorite worlds, from Alderaan to Yavin Prime, frequently and through just about any medium.

If you’re looking to celebrate this holiday with us, strap in, and don’t tell us the odds, because we’re going to take you through a Kessel Run of art in less than 12 parsecs.

All deviants who comment on this journal by answering the three prompts below will receive a special May the 4th tribute badge that will display on your Profile for all to see.

DeviantArt staff may remove a badge if a deviant’s comment or contribution doesn’t demonstrate the true spirit of fandom.
  • Who shot first: Han Solo or Greedo?
  • What aspects of the Star Wars Universe really get your midi-chlorians flowing, whether passionately or angrily?
  • What Star Wars fan art goes above and beyond capturing a scene or character perfectly?

Copy the above questions into a comment on this journal. Link to your favorite fan art deviations, and they’ll automatically be displayed as thumbnails!

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