Introducing the Timeline of DeviantArt!

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 will celebrate its 15th birthday in August 2015. While many online communities have come and gone during the last decade and a half, DeviantArt remains because of our passionate and committed community. In that time, we've celebrated many milestones, and it became apparent we were in need of a place to share our victories and our challenges. And since we want to move toward more complete transparency with the community, what better time to also showcase and discuss what’s to come down the road as the future of DeviantArt?

Today, we’re introducing the DeviantArt Timeline, which will highlight the work we’ve accomplished in the past while laying the groundwork for what’s to come. Everything beyond present day on our Timeline acts as a roadmap for the future, welcoming deviants to follow progression and development toward future goals and promises. We want to bring the community along with us while planning our future, and will be constantly engaging deviants about upcoming feature releases and site changes, mockups, and feedback.

Our Timeline is interactive — scroll left, scroll right, click events for additional details.

View the Timeline!

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  1. Did we miss any important events?
  2. How do you feel about what’s to come?
  3. Post a status update about Timeline!

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We have reached the future, and there is nothing beyond
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Sad. But very true. Nothing has happened with this since last summer. There is no roadmap; I'm beginning to question whether there is even a road... :groucho:
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The Timeline of DeviantArt's Status is Currently Permanent Hiatus!
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Why isn't the timeline being updates (e.g the help desk uplift)?
Emeraldia-the-Kitty's avatar
Is the DeviantArt Timeline on Hiatus? :?
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Wow, this timeline is actually really cool. Its cool to see what the website looked like way in the beginning. 
CharmanDrigo's avatar
When was the last time this was updated??
Drawn-Mario's avatar
it seems as if the timeline is not being updated will that be fixed?
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Timeline?..  Wake me up when you stop ripping of Facebook and get back into Art side..  DON'T BE A CLONE!!!  Take your Core.. add it into your "timeline" and shove it..
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And where are we supposed to find this timeline on dA?
Like without having to bookmark it. returning to this journal or the browser history?
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Aside from being linked in this journal you can also find a link to it through our About page linked in the footer. :)
Nao-Yan's avatar
Thank you, wouldn't have expected it there tbh. :>
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Birthday cake  icon Feliz aniversário!!!!Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D Blower fella (Party) fella's Gobbler (Party) Birthday '15th fella (Badges) 
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Happy birthday! <3
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Happy Birthday! :3 :cake:
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:happybounce: HHappy Birthday Godliek :D Happy Birthday Godliek :D Happy Birthday Godliek :D :happy birthday: Fella Heart Kiss (Love) Hide Birthday Emote Birthday '15th fella (Badges) 
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Happy Birthday, DeviantArt!!
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