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DeviantART is proud to announce our Premium Content Platform

Providing the ability for content creators to become sellers and generate real earnings by making digital files of their high-quality work available for download. Sellers are able to set their own prices while retaining 80% of all revenue earned, and buyers are able to quickly get the things they want with the satisfaction of supporting the artists they love.

What is Premium Content?

The Premium Content Platform was built to represent high-quality content — the premier pieces in an artist's repertoire of work. We encourage the sale of everything from comics or stories for download, to high-res files like .PSDs, textures, tutorials, brush packs, and more!

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What are Points?

DeviantART Points are a virtual currency that can be used to buy virtual and real goods on deviantART. Points can be purchased using a credit card or PayPal, and one U.S. dollar is the equivalent to 80 Points. A buyer making a Premium Content Platform purchase must use Points for the transaction.

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Selling Premium Content

Premium Content Platform sellers have the opportunity to generate real earnings through sales. Sellers are able to set their own prices for downloads and a seller retains 80% of all revenue earned.

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Buyers make Premium Content Platform purchases with Points.While all payments are made in Points, earnings from work sold can be withdrawn as U.S. dollars via PayPal or check, or converted into Points.

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Buying Premium Content

Buying Premium Content is a straightforward and user-friendly process. Simply click the "Purchase" button, ensure you have enough Points available to make the transaction, enter your password, and agree to the Seller's Agreement. Your download will start immediately!

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Rating Premium Content

To assist future buyers, we encourage previous buyers to rate sellers on a five-star scale. It only takes a moment to rate a seller and feedback is critical to helping others make purchasing decisions.

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Eligibility and Agreements

Sellers enter into an agreement with the buyer on each download. When making a download available for sale, sellers can use a standard Personal Use/Personal Non-Commercial Use License Agreement or can insert their own Custom License Agreement.

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Supporting Artists, Empowering Buyers

The majority of work on deviantART will always remain free. Members and visitors will still be able to browse and download millions of deviations at no cost. The Premium Content Platform was built to represent the premier pieces in an artist's repertoire of work. Our aim with the Platform is to provide a place where artists are able to sell their work and feel empowered and dignified by receiving a deserving share of the earnings. Buyers are able to directly support the artists they love through purchases made on the Premium Content Platform.

The Premium Content Platform launch is a staged release. All members are currently enabled to buy content. However, only a small segment of deviants have been granted the privilege to sell. Over the next few weeks, more and more deviants will be given the privilege to become sellers. Those who have the ability to sell will be notified with a Hot Topic notification in their Message Center.

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SaMaAg's avatar

Awesome deviantart.I want to thank you for your efforts in making this a better community,not only because of this initiative but for at least this year´s ones.but particularly for this one trying to make something that should have been solved long time ago that is getting artists paid.A problematic that worldwide artists face from the very beginning.If you love art then you should know you got to pay in order to keep receiving simple as that.It´s a job like any other.

DM-SketchAlchemist's avatar

Awesome news. I kindly ask you guys look into adding Payoneer to your payout system. PayPal restricts receiving funds in countries like mine so Payoneer is the alternative. I don't see the option of being paid a check in my earnings section,just coins and PayPal. Well done,y'all...

When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)

ACE-Mat's avatar

premium not working for me... people able to fave works without me getting paid?

Beowulf65's avatar
OreotheCookieArtist's avatar
Uhhh, so like... Is there a way to not earn actual money but instead get points? By selling adoptable like for example?
kleopatraa15's avatar

Convert points into money |

OreotheCookieArtist's avatar
kleopatraa15's avatar

Only works if you got paid from commissions

OreotheCookieArtist's avatar
wat? I forgot about this discussion ;W;
Bobeagle77's avatar

Thanks! I love you DA. Awesome website, I feel right at home here. Keep up the good work and thank you for supporting so many artist.

fumstix's avatar
Test doodle // lopsided // re-upload by noobpinky  This deviation is on sale for 'paid download'

However, I didn't attach anything to be sold with it. 

Does it work when you click on it to buy it?
fumstix's avatar
okay so i attached something, it works now?
NicaBreeze's avatar
It's been a while but I'd like to know what exactly "premium content" is. Is it the same file you are submitting, re-loaded directly from your device? (totally confusing, what's the point if that's already submitted as the current deviation?) Could it be different pictures that I had used as Photoshop layers for this current deviation? Or a random image or two that you offer as extras? 
I had looked up DA premium content in search engine, and read through a few pages of comments on this post -- still no clarity.

Maybe you could tell me what it s and what it's not. Thanks.
SameerPrehistorica's avatar
What is the difference between Print and Premium content ? I know that people selling arts through prints and is this the same thing with Premium content ? 

For example, is it correct to set the same high res image for Print and Premium content ?
If it is correct then what is the difference of selling between those 2 options ? 
Is it because the file gets sold faster through Premium content ?
mooncreamadopt's avatar
Hey I have a question!
How can I know what DA user purchased my content I just see the notification on my account but can't see who bought  it >.<
Piposaru200's avatar
So how do I convert points into paypal cash
Geistplan's avatar
Did you gut any answers for this question already?
Piposaru200's avatar
Geistplan's avatar
Could you please tell me, how that works?
Piposaru200's avatar
I'm not entirely sure. I never tried anything.
Geistplan's avatar
Okay, thank you Piposaru200!
dannysuling's avatar
What, isn't your advertising revenue enough? Now you want commissions on the sale of exclusive work that your less-than-privileged membership cannot access?

Not for me. Sounds simply like you want to be competitive with Patreon because it's turning out to be a revenue source that you're missing out on.

To me, this violates the underlying values that we as a dA community share: communication, open support, sharing of our work, critique, commentary, discourse. What the Premium Content Platform is doing is distorting the dA site in the service of monetizing art, thereby making its own nefarious contribution to the creation of two classes of people: those who can afford to purchase images in exclusive versions not posted at dA, and those who cannot.

And then there are people like me, a third class: those who will not, regardless of whether or not I can financially afford this kind of acquisitive behavior.

Let's hear it for classism. Is this a great country, or what?!
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