How Malware Works Via Banner Ads

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How Malicous Ads Inundate the Web

(Source: USA Today)

Protect Yourself

Malware advertising is an Internet-wide problem that affects many of the Net's top sites. Keeping your browser up to date is one of the best ways to ensure your computer's safety. Additionally, anti-virus programs offer another level of protection against malvertisements.

We strongly recommend that you download the latest version of your favorite browser. Reports of Malware and Virus Advertisements
Our Ongoing Battle Against Malicious Ads
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Malvertising: The use of online ads as a method of deploying malware.
A good term for this is "malvertising".
MasterofGaburincho's avatar
I think I get Adware from these ads, but I'm only Semi-sure that is true.
Bassmark's avatar
(I was just attacked this morning by banner ad. Avast stopped it. still not sure if im ok.
frekycyepit's avatar
i never experience such problem..
Narfmaster's avatar
One of the youngest members of the site could do a better editing job on that video than the hashup they seem to have done with this.
Oh well, gotta love my subscription.
Noctorno's avatar
So far, you guys are doing a pretty good job. Back in the day, I had to install Firefox and the AdBlock program just to access this site. Bugged me a bit because I like Internet Explorer and I hate having more than one browser on my PC. Since you have made security here the top priority though, I was finally able to uninstall Firefox and go back to Internet Explorer and so attacks have occured. If any do occur though, then thank goodness for avast!, Malwarebytes and Windows Defender.

WERAQS's avatar
finally my voice heard by some authorities on dA. I've been blocking your ads to keep my computer safe, and you know what I'll keep blocking them!
SilentPlea's avatar
This just happened to me. The virus was called "Vista Antivirus 2012". It completely disabled my McAfee antivirus software and took over my computer. I had to jump through a lot of hoops to get it removed, but i was able to successfully remove it!
werewolfwarriorART's avatar
That happened to me too! :( It sucked!
DragonFlyer139's avatar
Well that's terrifying
YoungLink19's avatar
Oh, that "upgrade your browser" thing again. I still won't. New browsers are next to unusable, with the UIs of all major browsers looking the same and some newer ones working slower (try comparing Opera 11.11 and 10.63).
RockBarnes's avatar
You're right :( 10.63 was my favorite for a long time and the newer ones have some "features" I wholeheartedly dislike. But it's not supported anymore, security-wise. :(
Kazekoh's avatar
I never will turn off my Ad-blocker Plus still, sorry. I learned my lesson 3 years ago. From this site actually.
Halpthiuian's avatar
Thanks! That's good to know.
AlanPrince's avatar
Malware are really "Mal"! xD

"Mal" means "Bad" in portuguese. o/

Thanks for sharing this video with us. ^.^
lilpixi's avatar
"Mal" means crappy in any Latin based language :P -just sayin'
half-dragon's avatar
And Spanish too. ^.=.^
AlanPrince's avatar
Si. Tambien. ^.^
half-dragon's avatar
Awesome! Yo lo ablo megor que lo escribo. ><
furstreak's avatar
another good way if you cant afford virus protection is to use NOSCRIPT its an add-on to webbrowsers that STOP java script as well as flash files. They will only activate upon your request. No this isnt an advertisement for this product because well i hate that.. i just like it is all and hate freaking trojans/virus'/etc....
AcrylicEagle's avatar
"...can't afford virus protection..." ?!
Avast Antivirus is free!

Between the Avast free edition, Mozilla AdBlock Plus, and Malwarebytes (all free), I haven't had a virus scare in a long time.

(the last one was that Fake Antivirus trojan from dA... when I was first introduced to MalwareBytes.)
dw817's avatar
Link please ?
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