Devious Dreams: Reach your artistic goal!

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By Heidi
Ogpreview-a by symonxTo help deviants achieve their creative evolution, DeviantArt is awarding over $20,000 to artists like you!

Reach your next creative goal!

To help deviants achieve their creative evolution, DeviantArt is awarding over $20,000 to artists like you! Yes, you!

1. Brainstorm // 2. Comment // 3. Cross your fingers

Comment to Apply

For eighteen years, DeviantArt has been where art starts: a place for artists of all walks of life to learn and grow together. In that time, we’ve witnessed countless artists’ skill level evolve as they’ve honed their craft with the support and encouragement of the DeviantArt community. But that’s only the beginning.

As we approach the launch of DeviantArt Eclipse, the next phase in DeviantArt’s own artistic evolution, we want to celebrate artists who evolve with DeviantArt. If you have an idea or project that you want to undertake that will help you reach the next level in your artistic evolution, DeviantArt is here to help provide the tools and resources you need to succeed.

Tell us about the project you want to undertake, and what resources you need to get there. In turn, we’re going to award a grand total of $20,000 to some deserving deviants to make some of these projects happen!

Use this template to share your creative ideas in a comment on this journal.

Project Title: Come up with a creative title for the project or goal you want to achieve!

Project Description: Tell us what your idea is. What do you want to accomplish, and how do you want to do it?

Project Plan: If chosen, what steps are you going to take to complete your idea, and how will you share your completed idea with the world?

Project Budget: What tools do you need, and how much, roughly, will it cost (in USD) to make it happen?

Comment to Apply

The Awards

Award recipients will be chosen after March 31st, 2019, and will be awarded the resources required to complete their ideas (be it equipment, art supplies, etc.), up to the amount of the prize they won. You can request up to $5,000 as part of your idea budget, so don’t be afraid to put your best idea forward! Two larger awards are guaranteed to be granted; many smaller awards will be granted as well!

In addition to the $20,000 we’re awarding via this journal, a Facebook Live event will also be held on March 22nd at 2:00 PM Pacific Time, during which an extra $2,000 in items will be awarded.

Amount Awarded


Awards will be granted to eligible and qualified entries, on the basis of: (i) intent, (ii) ability to accomplish the idea/goal put forward, (iii) creativity, and (iv) the impact achieving the dream will have, all to whatever degree the judges believe to be appropriate in reaching a decision.

Award recipients are encouraged to share their projects as they unfold and/or conclude.

All deviants age 13 or older who have not been banned from DeviantArt are eligible to participate. If a deviant deactivates or is banned during the Devious Dreams campaign, they are no longer eligible to be an award recipient.

The Devious Dreams campaign begins on March 18, 2019 at 12:01 PM Pacific Time, and ends on March 31, 2019 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. Award recipients will be announced on or around April 3, 2019.

Read the Official Rules

Elevate your artistic evolution with DeviantArt!

© 2019 - 2021 Heidi
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can we use thumbs for eclipse?
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Project title: I want to be a full-time artist.

Project Description: I studied Graphic Design in 2007 and graduated with a Diploma. I've always had a passion for the visual arts even though professionally I ended up working behind the scenes on television as a program scheduler (Where I currently work), I've tried creating my art in my spare time - but I know this is not enough. The journey could be better if I focus on it full time.

Project Description: I plan to pay the mountain of bills I currently have, save some money (already doing this), resign from my current job, build a back yard studio, buy an i-pad pro that I will use to create sketches, and buy traditional art supplies as I prefer to paint and focus fully on my art business fo the rest of my life.

project budget: i-pad pro + i-pen, shack studio, art supplies: About $2500

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I remember when I had faith in this event.
The sole reason I even took part in this event was to prove a point: that deviantART pays no attention to small scale deviants.
When my project proposal was featured site wide, I felt as if I had made a breakthrough. I felt like I had been proven wrong in the best way possible.
None of it came through, though, as anticipated.
My dream, teased to become a reality, was dashed almost overnight, it feels like.
Thanks for proving my initial point.
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When the locals hide in the bush and take down an easy target while using the motive of remote and attentional to squander my opertunities from that xorox art project in that they knew it was coming down the line before anyone new and I was throwen under the bus before i had a chance. And now graphics artist in my town is attentionally producing by these local as side bush attemidations. Now my whole life in graghics and traditional art is paper bag fight out a backwoods squander job.

BKSARTS's avatar

My project is .... ur lookin at ... more ten k × 100

BKSARTS's avatar

Well if not for a Xerox art class that the sail makers for the DOS boat Mr Gates would not have forged MS as its mas... then no photoshop no illutrator no e commerce but since I said there be a cloud well then inspiration of cowboy pinky knuckle graghics that make reals turn on a slot machine of lemon cherry graphics well that saloon graghics now updated to digital.

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Congratz to everyone who took part in this 
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To be honest I do not want to enter this for the following reasons.


I need a position where I can gain income towards my areas of studies. Which is illustration, graphic design, photography, some coding. However I am primarily illustration. Cartoons, video-games, animation, etc.

No amount of funds given to me will help me.  I do not want money I want work.

I literally put myself into harms way to get tools and software I use for my works. I made good one time with overtime pay from work I took. It was terrible and ungodly. Imagine being in a room trapped with everything wrong with society and your still the same kid who raised his hands in the classroom.

I do not like NSFW/18+ material at all but I have become accustom to it, and evolved above that method of thinking. I respect all art people and see the struggles they have both men and women. Part of the reason why I do photography is to keep me outside ( away from the computer ) while using something that I actually learned. Same reason why I enjoy lifting heavy lights. I might have a self-destructive nature but I want to live in peace.

You can see my work is primarily anime based. Insult me if you want. I have tons more material yet to upload. Tons more. Point being is that in a real working environment you get paid and get coached and not be treated like a machine.


I refuse to let my skills and abilities dies. All that matters in making a living being an illustrator and collecting tax returns. Being able to raise a family and own a house. That is it. For me it is a struggle to live in peace especially when everybody is pretending and playing hostile against my peace
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This has been OVER for a month now
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I know that is why I did not post so soon. I understand the idea of the contest but honestly I took a job ( at the time ) to get the materials I needed. I did not beg my parents and honestly I am tired of begging somebody who is selfish.
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Well, I did not win but I am already living in my dream to continue the projects just before this event started.
Does anyone have the same opinion as mine?

My current projects are a real-time strategy game called Photonsurge and a comic called Vela and the Big Invasion.
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Project: Grial-chan, the Sword Princess

Project Description: A space to tell and study about the swords, softcombat, larp, rol, costumes, webcomics, tutorial and more!! We are a softcombat group who love to know and read about medieval stuff and others and make our own costumes and crafts. We have a community spirit and love to share this. The plan include make a webcomic, Grial chan the Sword Princess. In there, the characters talk about this themes, and explain the public for softcombat, and rpg and medieval world difussion.

Project Plan: Design the Characters, make the webcomics in 4koma format. Share a advice of crafts or sewing, make history references, and in the end write about the real historic font. Medieval cook, fantasy games, rpg themes, softcombat swords, larp anecdotes, etc.

Project Budget: How ever much it takes to make it happend. We dream and work hard. Have a youtube channel, and a facebook page and a great project in our heart: share with people the brotherhood, the honor and love.

Thank you for reading this!!!
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Dude, it's past the freaking deadline.
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Per the Official Rules for Devious Dreams, we awarded $20,000 in prizing on April 3rd and April 4th.  To see the full Dreams recipient list, please read the journal for Devious Dreams: The winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated! 

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I think a lot of us would love to see more events like this in the future for sure, but I think now you guys should remove this post or disable further comments. There's still many people applying even though it has ended already, so it would be wise to just delete the post or disable the comments now that the winners are all announced.
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This was a huge waste of my time.

My fault for ever thinking DeviantArt would help in any way.
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That is why you need to save your money and invest in people to join on your quest of creativity
LittleMissDevil21's avatar
Oh I forgot about this 😂

I just got my tablet last week and computer.
So I really didn’t need these people lmao
GameTrek's avatar
I know and that is the thing. You go through the people that got things it looks like they already have there stuff together
Blackdiamonds1's avatar
I will like to join as well
EojinsArt's avatar
...It ended 8 days ago.
I wish you all good luck!!
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