DeviantART's official Comic-Con poster!
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As a statement of empowerment and artist prestige, we're pleased to reveal deviantART's official poster for Artists’ Alley at San Diego Comic-Con – designed by the exquisitely talented Artgerm!

DeviantART couldn't be more excited to sponsor Artists' Alley for the fourth year in a row.  Our aim has always been to keep focus on those who not only make the entire convention possible, but provide us with a world of entertainment across all media: the artists.

Go forth and march with your creative brethren!

DeviantART San Diego Comic Con 2014 Poster by Artgerm

Get the poster!

Spread the word!

Arm yourself with the above image.  Plaster the poster on the walls of your bedroom or school, share the image across social media, design mash-ups and remixes to be submitted back online, or make print-outs and start your own local art revolution.  (The image is available for any use, as long as it's non-commercial and in the spirit of deviantART.)

What is art?

In keeping with artist solidarity, we want to hear what art means to you! 
  • Is art what gets you up in the morning?
  • Is it what you live and breathe?
  • Is it a way to connect with friends across the globe?

Leave a comment and finish the sentence, “Art is __________.”

'Add Media' functionality has been enabled for all deviants in this journal.  Feel free to upload your Comic-Con poster-related photos and images!

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1DarkFate1's avatar
1DarkFate1Hobbyist Digital Artist
Art is my escape.
LippenstiftenMouthze's avatar
LippenstiftenMouthzeHobbyist Artist
Art is Art.
ColeslawProductions's avatar
ColeslawProductionsHobbyist Digital Artist
Art is something that takes creativity to create and can be enjoyed later.
rahulrupkumar's avatar
Art is every comments below and every comments above, combined.
lone-jedi33's avatar
lone-jedi33Hobbyist Photographer
Art is diversity personified
lovelli's avatar
lovelliProfessional Digital Artist
Art is no longer making me feel funny... 
waagon's avatar
waagonHobbyist Traditional Artist
Art is expressing your feelings down on a canvas.
Angel-Dust-Ryuuki's avatar
Angel-Dust-RyuukiHobbyist General Artist
Art is a blank canvas waiting to be filled.
ramrumlamb's avatar
ramrumlamb Traditional Artist
Art is my place. Because, I can't speak fluently my thinking and emotion and I don't fit in anywhere!
LauriJ's avatar
I definitely have this feeling that the logo as shown in the poster will be used in the upcoming site revision...
BWPhotographry's avatar
BWPhotographryProfessional Photographer
Art is freedom and fun
SketcherIda's avatar
SketcherIdaHobbyist General Artist
Art is being able to see the world in such a way that others usually don't.
Bluesoul1's avatar
Bluesoul1Hobbyist General Artist
Art is what drives me. It makes me go through my days, specially the rough ones.  I am not me without art.  I'm not a professional artist unfortunately for reasons I would not state here now, but people who know me, know that art is a very important part not of my life but of my own being and soul.
Bluesoul1's avatar
Bluesoul1Hobbyist General Artist
And I love the poster, how he proudly holds his artist badge and how the pencils and brushes are on his left hand, there are soooo many artist that are lefties including me.... heartwarming!
Papineau's avatar
PapineauHobbyist General Artist
Art is a part of me, its make me complete
LauriJ's avatar
I agree.
x-alive's avatar
looks great
Astraroszu's avatar
AstraroszuStudent General Artist
art is everything !
lisacred's avatar
lisacredHobbyist General Artist
ART is the SUN that shines the fairest light between fantasy & reality.
Popokino's avatar
PopokinoHobbyist General Artist
Art is like a drug. You get so addicted to it that if you're without it for so long, you'll slowly start dying from the inside.

So basically Art is Life~

Little-Yuri-kun's avatar
Little-Yuri-kunStudent Digital Artist
Art is what keeps my heart beating.
Killian-Hollow's avatar
Killian-HollowStudent Artist
Art is being creative without limits
murdermitten360's avatar
Art is the imagination escaping your mind
WontonAxel's avatar
WontonAxelHobbyist General Artist
Art is a way to express on how you feel or what you see with your eyes.
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