Be Fella's Valentine Coloring Contest!

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By Heidi

It's Valentine's Day and Fella wants you to be his valentine! Known to be an international man of mystery and intrigue, Fella has tamed wild llamas in Peru, explored King Tut's tomb in Egypt, and romanced the ladies in Paris. From afar, he leads the life that most only dream of. But after a recent trip to India for an introspective visit with the Dali Lama, Fella came to realize that something in his life was missing—YOU!

DeviantART is proud to present the Be Fella's Valentine Coloring Contest. With help from =betteo, one of dA's top-notch deviants, we've put together an old school coloring contest where the winner gets to lay claim on Fella's heart!

Participating Couldn't be Easier!

How to become Fella's Valentine!

1. Download the template to the right and color it with any combination of solid colors using the paint bucket tool in your favorite image editing software (Photoshop, MS Paint, GIMP, and so on). Remember, the contest theme is to 'be Fella's valentine', so create something that expresses your love for Fella and deviantART.

2. Feel free to rotate the canvas in any direction you'd like to better suit your creativity (90º, 180º, 270º, etc.).

3. Use solid colors only. No shading, texturing, or gradients.

Download Template
Fella is a giver!

The contest will have two Grand Prize winners; one United States resident and one international resident! The winners will not only walk away with Fella's love and affection, but will also receive a special valentine-themed package sent directly from Fella!

United States winner:

  • 1 lb. box of chocolates
  • Bouquet of flowers
  • Snazzy balloon arrangement
  • Personalized valentine from Fella and all of the deviantART HQ staff
  • $50 deviantDOLLARS
  • 1 year subscription to deviantART

International winner:

  • 1 lb. box of chocolates
  • 1 Fella plushie
  • 1 set of Emoticon Stress Balls
  • Personalized valentine from Fella and all of the deviantART HQ staff
  • $50 deviantDOLLARS
  • 1 year subscription to deviantART

Fella is quite the smooth operator and likes to spread his love around. So much so, that he has enough love for four runners-up (two U.S. and two international) who will each receive:

  • Fella plushie
  • 3 month subscription to deviantART

Submissions will be judged on the following criteria:

Contest Rules!

  • Be Fella's Valentine Coloring Contest is open to ALL deviantART members (United States residents, non-United States residents, residents of Mars, Cylons,   Klingons, T-1000s, super heroes, super villains, or otherwise).
  • Feel free to submit as many entries as you'd like.
  • Upload your entry as a deviation to: Community Projects > Contests > 2009 > Be Fella's Valentine Contest
  • The contest begins on February 14th, 2009 at 12:01 AM Pacific and ends February 28th at 11:59 PM Pacific.
United States of America: Prizes International: Prizes Runners Up: Prizes
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© 2009 - 2021 Heidi
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PoiOsaki's avatar
who is the winner? O>O"
PoiOsaki's avatar
thanks for the link ^^
angelasdesigns's avatar
fuzzypinkmonster's avatar
will they ever announce the results??...maybe they will announce the winners next year!...:crazy:
fuzzypinkmonster's avatar
thank you for the link!..^_^
Leoness's avatar

Maybe the judges are trying to throw us off with the pieces they have fav'd. x)

And patience. We are all eager, I can imagine. But I'm sure the wait will be worth it. I for one, would rather have them take their time to pick the right winners who deserve it, than having them rush it and just pick the ones on the first page of all the submissions *nod*
draconiangem's avatar
Doubt it... they do that with every contest Ive entered. But, agreeing with others who have said so, I'm not very impressed with those fav selections. I saw a lot of others that fallowed rules that look even more amazing and more deserving. But what can we do, we aren't the judges.
Leoness's avatar
Ah, this is my first contest ever here on DA, so I wouldn't know ^^;

I'm curious to see if one of those multi-template ones wins. Those are pretty wicked awesome, though I wish they would've been more specific with the rules in regards to that...
Or I could just stop slapping myself in the face for not having thought up something as creative as that myself ^^;

But yeah. Just gotta sit back and wait. Might as well fill out the waiting time with creative submissions, eh? ^^
kitzekatze's avatar
one of the jugdes, =betteo said while the contest was still running, that those multiple template entries will not be abled to win.
so dont worry about that.
I really do believe the judges just picked some random faves to give us the feeling they're still working on the contest.
they probably can't afford the prizes they promised anymore and are now thinking about an solution.
like when the logo contest was hold.
there was no official note, I found it because another deviant showed me. and then I knew where my magical out-of-nowhere-subscription for one month came from. -the contest turned out to be kind of illegal so they gave a 1month-sub to each participant.
Leoness's avatar
Heh, maybe DA is hit by the crisis too x3

Ah well, all joking aside... it'll come when it comes. ^^

... but illegal contest? *puzzled*
kitzekatze's avatar
yeah. they weren't allowed to change their logo and didnt know it. their lawyers told em.
Leoness's avatar
Weird O.o

But hey, they made up for it. ^^
And art is never a waste =)
kitzekatze's avatar
cacophonypop's avatar
I don't know if those that were faved by the judges are what they've narrowed it down to, I saw a lot of better, more creative pieces than some of those (that said, a few of those faved were very good indeed!) .... I'm just holding on to hope that, because it says 'judging team includes' not 'the judging team are', that some of the other admin were involved, as one of mine got faved by a couple of admin not mentioned .... I am probably just holding false hope though heheh
Leoness's avatar
A little hope is better than no hope at all ^^ I wish you luck.
avewa-je-me's avatar
ohh man...its almost april and no results yet? hmmmpf!
moniqueruala's avatar
Where oh where is the winners list? Oh where oh where could it be? With the happy "yays" and the sadened "awws" oh where oh where could it be?

Heh, Easter bunny's gonna trample us in our sleep before they can sort ALL the submissions.

Jimbob317's avatar
So were the results ever released? Have they even chosen a winner yet? I'd like to check out the winner's submission
Cool-AC's avatar
so... has anyone heard any progress on the finalists?
kitzekatze's avatar
*grrr* I'm giving up X(
the damn t shirt contest is over, where are the valentine's results?!
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