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Hollywood is a city filled with unrivaled allure, charm, and excitement.  
Always awake, it never sleeps.  
Holding secrets that are whispered everywhere.
Indulge first, repent later.
My "Thought of the Day" from July 1st, 2011.

Dedicated to fellow Bolt Award winner, $pachunka.

© 2011 - 2021 Heidi
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"How do our pretendedly rational and programmed societies function? What motivates the populations, what stirs them? Scientific progress, objective information, insight into the facts and causes, the punishment of the truly guilty or the growth of collective happiness? Absolutely not: no one is interested in that. What fascinates everyone is the debauchery of appearances, that reality is always and everywhere debauched by appearances. That's an interesting game, and it's played out in the media, in fashion, in advertising - more generally in the spectacle of technology, of science, of politics; in any spectacle whatsoever. The veritable contemporary social bond is the concerted partaking in seduction. A revolution might alter the course of history, but only its spectacle is truly sublime. And which do we choose? As Rivarol said, 'the people did not truly desire a revolution, they desired only its sight.' The spectaclist drive is more powerful than the self-preservation instinct, you can count on that." - Jean Baudrillard, Fatal Strategies
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Such truth to this.
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That sounds like your describing my personality.

I have to ask you something
How much does it cost to get into comic com?
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There's an odd (yet lovely!) sort of meter to it any particular scheme?

Also, I really love how you captured the place :)

Also, thank you for giving Premium to 'yuimei (I cannot spell). If there's anyone who deserves it, it's her!
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That's awesome. I like the structure. Powerful piece! i love it!
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Isn't that quite right?
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You realize that you can interchange "Hollywood" with "New York City" at any point...
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repent?... what is this repent that you speak of?
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It's also filled with smog. :D That last line is very fitting, sums up the city pretty well, methinks.
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