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Team Seeker

Never forget.

It's safe to say that deviantART's April Fool's Day avatar shenanigans introduced a large chunk of people -- millions of people -- to 'Legend of the Seeker' for the first time.

If you're someone who likes to watch super seksey people with really pretty hair, kicking ass, and fighting bad guys... this is the show for you.

Disney-ABC Domestic Television... you. are. welcome.


P.S. - Much love to $zilla774 for collaborating with me on this deviation. So much love. :heart:
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KIT-10notK-9's avatar
I am highly amused by these.
sykaeh's avatar
OMg those books were really good. And they did the tv show very well!
abaq's avatar
maybe, 1 day..
IceXDragon's avatar
I remember when this happened.:lol: My sister got team Seeker, but I just got team Edward!:nuu:
Seraphylia's avatar
Ah, the Seeker...

I read the book then watch the show, I wish they would make another season...
PirateGal4's avatar
I love this show!! It's the best EVER!! I want more!!
MegurineLukaCV03's avatar
When I saw my icon (I also got Team Seeker xD) I was like "SHOOT THAT'S THE SHOW MY GRANDMOTHER WATCHES!" xDD
Eulenspiegelken's avatar
True. I was wondering what the hell is Team Seeker and the other one, as I am not willing to read or watch about all this childish stuff. :)
CHLI's avatar
'Childish' stuff? It's actually very gory and has sexual themes
Eulenspiegelken's avatar
Long time no see. ;) I agree, but don't think it was anything to be mentioned. All what they wanted was an attention, so leaving them without any other, except moderating it, reaction was the best solution, I guess... :)
LadyLucreziaLux's avatar
Jemmeh's avatar
I missed this when it happened. o-o

The show was pretty dern gewd, but I'm just a giant fangirl for the books. *U*
thelastmaze's avatar
I didn't log in that day, and found this out just now *facepalm* it's the coolest idea ever! yay for lots!!!!
PixieHaven's avatar
I got stuck with Team Twilight :| XD
Yay-I-am-best's avatar
Daaawww... I wasn't inlogged that day D:
Thirrinaki's avatar
I was on team gaga, pity really XD. Anyway you must have heard about the massive campaign "save our seeker", have you considered posting this great deviation on facebook, twitter on the fan pages to show everyone that the seeker is and has fans everywhere(and especially on deviantart)?
morningstarskid's avatar
very cool operation!!!! :8-)
tennyomelime's avatar
This was an epic April Fools. <3
all-those-lies's avatar
Team seeker ftw ! :love:
Heidi's avatar
Always and forever. ;)

TheFake1isHere's avatar
maybe I'll check out the show... Hulu here I come!
Heidi's avatar
You are a smart cookie. :cookie:

TheFake1isHere's avatar
what can I say, it's a step up from the 2nd season of Baywatch Nights.:D
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