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Minnesota Fire Protection

Red is the chosen color for fire hydrants in northwest Minnesota. 
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My dog saw these pictures.. now hes a wolf
Realm-of-Spatula's avatar
There's like 16 different colored fire hydrants in Indiana lol
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Cool, however, hydrants here in Vancover are yellow.
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Red is also the official fire hydrant color of countless cartoons during my childhood!
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Red and yellow are the colors of our fire hydrants in Milwaukee, WI but we don't have any in the middle of fields or on the sides of highways! Only interstates. 
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IDK if anyone cares, but the color of the fire hydrant indicates the pressure of the water
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thx for educating me now im even smarter. omggg
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i want a best background for my photo how to find?
My Uncle Elijah just got a fantastic green Hyundai Sonata Sedan by working from a macbook air... check this link right here now=.-.=.-=.-.=.-
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Ah... Weirdly placed fire hydrants.
littlespring-axel's avatar
You live in Minnesota? (Me too if so)
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Isn't that just about the size of things!
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Aah i always see  yelllow ones
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We don't have those in Finland..

At least I haven't seen any.
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Arkansas has red ones as well, at least as far as I've seen~
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Minnesota rules
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Very unique! Looks really cool! :heart:
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Guess this doesn't really apply for Southern minnesota.
We have Red and custom painted Hydrants in my area at least.
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I live in MN it is true XD.
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Many fires in the fields? 
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I was thinking the same thing :P
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