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Growing a Pineapple

On the left: a pineapple top I planted in May 2016.

On the right: the same pineapple, 9 months later.

Great success!  Now, I'm a farmer.  ;)

(Also, this is a test deviation.  Thanks for viewing!)
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i love it so much im adding you to my watch list and thanks hun you gave me my first lama badge. :happybounce: 
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put a sponge in it
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This pineapple is growing really well! I expect an update on it. :P
I think the side by side is really powerful in showing exactly how much the plant has grown, but additionally the filters you chose give it much life. The left has a more sedated, lower contrast filter, making it feel older compared to the newer, more recent image on the right. The new image is packed with HDR tones, giving vibrancy and life to the growing plant! Nice work! 
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good job, im proud of you!
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I heard it can take a few years to form an actual pineapple. Hope you enjoy it :D

Interestingly, pineapples are part of a much larger family of plants called bromeliads. One of my favourite tropical garden plants - they can form some real fantastic flowers and leaf colours, but as far as I know - only pineapples actually produce anything you can eat. The rest are just very pretty to look at ;)
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Yes, flamboyant potatoes are always a good choice.
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Ah yes, the first step towards adopting your very own sponge.
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Reminds me i should plant a pineapple. :D
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Keep it going! Pinapples are the best!
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mmm pineapples are awesome!:Pineapple la: :Pineapple la: :Pineapple la: Pineapple Returns That Ananas 
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Pineapples are in my head.
Wait, no, wrong place.
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Impressive! :D
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Great work on growing the pineapple! I've got two growing right now. I named 'em Dave and Pablo.
Does yours, per chance, have a name?
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i hope no one else made this joke
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i thought pineapples were grown in trees or underground until i looked it up after seeing this
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How's the pineapple going, Heidi??? :eager:
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