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Good Times Valentine

By Heidi
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Rose are red,
Violets are blue.
Sugar is sweet,
And Fella loves you!

Part of the Be Fella's Valentine Coloring Contest extravaganza! :heart:

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© 2009 - 2021 Heidi
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tea-pancake's avatar
cool awsome work :)
MJStratton's avatar
Very unique and cute I love it
littlesonic1234's avatar
you did A pretty great job
SreamingBloodyMurder's avatar
Very pretty, and in a way, endearing. The cat's expression is just so cute! :happybounce:
Xelniatheleopard's avatar
that's not a cat- that's Fella
Pearlpencil's avatar
It's pretty : )
Mizuky97's avatar
cool! I love the colours and the effect!!!
Zacariel's avatar
Love this one Sister. geo-metric hiperdimensional heart...
Much love and respect from the Universe...
mrjans's avatar
The interesting use of geometric shapes suggests this is mathematical, formulated, simple, yet the ideas it puts forward - of love, relationships, and romance - are far from mathematical, formulated and simple! I love the bold colours aspect, and also that this is really cute and just generally pleasing overall to look at.
el300pman's avatar
wait a minute, check my fovourite...i am add this stuff to my fav for twice with different deviant id.., whatever things happen i luv this work,
el300pman's avatar
ups, this a Part of the Be Fella's Valentine Coloring Contest extravaganza!..i dont read carefully....nice work
LaurieLefebvre's avatar
love the kitty and contest
SuperPandaKid's avatar
thats not a kitty thats fella
IAmTheArchitect's avatar
ppgrainbow's avatar
This contest sounds like fun!

I have one question though. The default template is in JPEG format and I'm planning on participating in the contest. Is it okay for me to convert this lineart of the Be My Valentine lineart into one-colour before converting it back to 24-bit PNG colour and then do the solid colouring?

I plan to do it on MS-Paint. :D
hey, what program d'ya use?? please tell me:)
luodan's avatar
Welcome my gallery to watch the other Fella's Valentine Coloring series. (Rotate the canvas 0° & 90° & 180° & 270° ) :w00t:
zananeichan's avatar
Thanks for setting up this fun contest :-) its amazing to see so many different pictures comming from this
cin-vhetin's avatar
How does this work if you a member of the judging panel? Or you're not participating and this is just for fun/example.
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