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You're like a warm bowl of oatmeal on a cold Sunday morning.

The rose on your cheeks brings a smile to my lips.

And delights my eyes.
While waiting to see the latest Harry Potter movie, I may have 'borrowed' $codenamepanther's phone to jot down this little ditty that popped into my head. I then proceeded to send the above prose to roughly six or so random people via text message. Needless to say, my message and the responses it generated resulted in much laughter.

In the event you weren't one of the six people who received a message from 'me'... well, then, I totally wrote this for you. Yes, you! ;)

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There is a certain kind of warmth I feel when I read this. Very lovely. :)
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good blase you for this word. that i think you are near me. on the chair near me. A BIG WOW
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I think the first line is the best of the bunch.
It will probably mean something different to everyone.
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i never got this text :P would of made work so much better :P
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Some of the random responses:
"And you are like warm maple syrup in a cold Canadian igloo."
"When kittens purrrrrr my socks grow furrrrrrrr."
"When doves fly my heart skips a beat for you."

And my personal favorite..."Kate are you drunk...again?"

Never again my friend, neverrrrrr!
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i like the one with the...furry socks :D
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I didn't know that I'm your oatmeal :faint:
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I enjoy being your oatmeal.
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