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Continuous Line Drawing Challenge

Some fellow staff members and I are challenging ourselves to create a drawing using one continuous line, and this is my contribution -- home sweet home.
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It reminds me of La Linea. :)
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Lovely! I'm gonna take this challenge, a bit late but WTH! Hahahaa
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whats with that sign on the left?
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Nice! I must have missed this La Linea-esque challenge from back in the day.
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this is awesome 
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How precious X3 <3
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hellu i found chu!
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huehue stalker ~ <333Hug 
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yup huehue <3 but i stalk for huggiez Anime Emoji (Shy Stalker) 
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ill try this too ~
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I love how it looks! ouo
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I definitely have great respect for those who do this. It's far harder then it looks.
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This is too pretty. It's so simple, but so complicated.
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Heidi u are part of the staff for the mobile app, correct???
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Looks just like my house ;)
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