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Ryokucha Siblings

Matcha is proud to present her younger brothers: Sencha and Gyokuro-kun

Together, they're the Ryokucha (Green Tea) Siblings!

Matcha is the oldest one. Developed as early as 12th century and made popular during the 16th century. 

Sencha is noted for its delicate sweetness, mild astringency and flowery-green aroma. The quality of Sencha will vary depending on origin, time of harvest and leaf processing techniques. Sencha was born during the 18th century.

Gyokuro is regarded as the highest grade of tea made in Japan. It is made only with the first flush leaf and its special processing results in a tea with a sweet, mild flavor and fresh, flowery-green aroma. Born during the 19th century.

me is is where I got the…

They're my lovely OCs~

Credits: Matcha's kimono pattern is from the fabulous ffyunie, thank you!~
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