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What's your favorite baseball team and why is it the Dodgers? Go.  
If you didn’t think @ggMattB and @heyheybuddy could have an entire conversation using nothing but Spice Girl lyrics, you need to spice up your life. 
@LaurenKitsune and @heyheybuddy believe that Triscuit is a delicious cracker.  Incorrect.  They are wrong. I will award five one-month Core Memberships to the best comments that educate @LaurenKitsune and @heyheybuddy about their heinous taste in cra...

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rosaarvensisHobbyist Photographer

Hello! Thank you for the badge! :)

CarrotsAndCucumbersStudent General Artist

There's a user named EmphaticDesign who makes hate speech and stamps to the LGBT community.

peril-clayStudent Traditional Artist
If y’all ain’t gonna do shit about Eclipse can you at least do something about the harassment? Some jizzrag has been harassing me since 2018 and no matter how many times I’ve reported him he still ain’t banned.
Tell The creator Of DA Eclipse that he just just fuck this website up Listen to the criticism Don't just look at the comments that are saying shit like I like eclipse just fix this minor thing and it'll be okay no fuck that Listen to your lifelong Users that have displeasure and hate this update I've been here for 3 years almost and The old layout was the perfect art site this update is just plain lazy and ruins a once great art site listen to your fans listen to your community but we know you aren't Go fuck yourself and take DA eclipse to the trash where it belongs thank you.
CBMULTIStudent Digital Artist

Troll Face, is was that necessary? this is website suicide. I'm mean if the old version isn't brought at least make this one more functional and less cluttered.


Please see my reply here. I hope that helps clarify.

Thank you.


CBMULTIStudent Digital Artist