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ForcedlactationloverHobbyist Writer

I don't know why you gave me a cake badge, but I do thank you for it.

Thank you for the watch!

Thank you for a Gallery filled with amazing deviations. I can't believe I just stumbled across your work today -- more for me to took at!


Jadeite-XXHobbyist Digital Artist

Hello. Are you able to send core membership to me? I'm tired to be spammed by ARDI on DeviantArt it doesn´t stop annoying me. I already report to DA Help faq, and they only block 10% of 90% of the spammer. It keeps making millions of fake accounts here. I don´t know why he does that. Thanks.

PancakeArtYTHobbyist Digital Artist

Do you still give core membership?

thesonofsalvationHobbyist Photographer

Thanks for faves and watch you are amazing


I have an important question about one of the rules. I've been posting comments like https://www.deviantart.com/comments/1/845172089/4850373807 to tell upset members about other art websites. I do not force anyone to leave. I simply give people options so they can choose to stay or leave DeviantArt. However, DeviantArt has a rule against spamming at https://www.deviantartsupport.com/en/article/why-was-my-account-banned-for-spam-advertising. Accounts that advertise too much can get banned, so do my comments qualify as spam? I think that rule is actually for businesses abusing announcements to advertise their products, or spam bots that post malicious links. I'm just a member who is offering upset people alternatives. Admins read numerous comments at team, but they have not told me to stop when they see my lists of other art websites. Therefore, I don't think I'm breaking a rule, but I'm still asking to make sure if what I'm doing is okay, so please let me know.