Commission Prices 2018 (2nd Half of the Year)

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Im hosting a special boundle 4 drawings for 40 USD!!!  (+ paypal fees +/- 2 to 3 usd more)
* Payment will be via paypal, you may contact me here at DA notes, or by mail at
*The payment will be all upfront. I know this sounds suspicious for some, but i had bad experiences regarding this matter. Finished drawings that take too much to be paid to me or even never are.
*Normal Price for 1 drawing from now on is : 20 U$D. //
Special boundle 4 drawings : 45 U$D //
*1 drawing : Will be composed of :  ( 1 characters simple shaded,simple colored and or 1 machine/car/mech/etc and the BackGround simple shaded, simple colored) If you add +10 U$D you will get complex shading and complex background.
*Boundle: Will be composed of 4 drawings with 1 character each and backgrounds , all of them complexly shaded and colored.

*Im drawing everything now,whatever you want, that being said i can even draw: males, females,animals,e H, ecchi , furry, pony, humanoid etc.
You can also find my auctions running 24/7 here :… With special prices!!!

What i enjoy doing most (since 2017 and so on ) New Retro, SynthWave Styled arts


– dark dominant colors with black, purple, pink and blue
– primary logo with 3D thick stick typography
– chrome metallic texture with mountain reflections
– secondary logo with handwritten typography, lasing or neon colors
– mountain gradient fill or 3D wireframe in background
– dark and starry sky
– chrome robot or humanoid in 3D wireframe
– futuristic sports car in full speed
– triangular
– spatialship
– War Games

Miami Touch

– clear dominant colors with blue sky, pink, orange and yellow
– primary logo with thick stick typography, solid color
– secondary logo with handwritten typography in flashy color
– sun with orange and yellow gradient, sometimes with horizontal cuts
– clear and sunny sky or sunset
– coconut trees along a road
– 80s sports car in full speed
– pin-up in 80’s fashion
– Miami Vice
– The Beverly Hills Cop

Horror Vision

– dark dominant colors with black, red and blue
– primary logo with handwritten typography or painting effect, aggressive color
– secondary logo with handwritten typography, aggressive color
– illustration in horror’s theme (monsters, zombies, skeletons…)
– sexy woman, vampire or retro-futuristic style
– upside down cross, upside star or other symbol of the dark side
– Halloween
– Hellraiser
– Terminator
– Alien

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Wow! Nice deal!!  I’ll have to take you up on that for some sexy mermaid action!!
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Sure thing pal!