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Hello Everyone! The fandom has been very lively in the last couple of hours, and I just wanted to take this moment to express how much I appriciate all the years of devotion and love everyone especially fellow creators have put into the fandom! Of course the amazing creators of Zootopia deserve the most praise for giving us such an amazing world and characters we all connected with and sparked our imaginations! I know I have disappeared for a while, I have been working on a comic for the past 1,5 year that I hoped to release for this anniversary, but work and the pandemic has unexpectedly halted my progress. But I still I hope I will be able to share that comic within 2021! For now I hope everyone has a fantastic time celebrating Zootopia's 5th anniversary! See you all soon!
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Happy Holidays!

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Hello everyone! As we slowly enter 2019, and I look back on how little I managed to draw from all the stuff I hoped to draw, I feel a bit sad. I hoped to pick up Hellsing Excidium again, maybe even start my own manga project that I wrote a long while back, and I wanted to make a fluffy WildeHopps comic for christmas. But when freetime is so scarce priorities re-arrange our plans. But at the same time looking back I'm happy that I created what I did, and the love and appriciation you all have given me! I promise I will do my best to be creative in the following year and I also hope to see more creative art from all the fantastic people I fol
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Hello everyone! Sorry for my absence, I do my best to create more stuff, but working on several projects beside doing a fulltime job and with my attention being spread so thin, I really running low on energy to draw. I Wanted to make a quick entry because recently I had a lot of discussion within the Zootopia community about the meaning of portraying a character out-of-character, and some points I felt like are worth sharing with a bigger audience. In literature, OOC-ness is widely accepted as a big technical flaw from the writer's part. But many argue that fan-fiction is just a way to spend time, mess around and overall enjoy yourselves, s
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Happy Easter and God bless.

Thank you Brutus! Hope the past tense is not because you think that I'm gone? I'm working hard on a project, I just had a few unexpected setbacks in real life that stopped me. I will do my best to come back as soon as I can!

Hi, i like your comics, so, before i start, can i ask you the permission to translate them into my language? (italian) and then upload to my account? of course i give you all the credits and links! Thanks in advance.

Hello shadowthesymbiote! Sorry for the late response, I was a bit occupied with stuff. And yes, I am totally fine with you translating my comics and upload them here on deviantArt! Thank you for asking, and I hope you will have fun with them!

Awesome, Thanks for the permission, I let you know when i start the translation!

Did you continue " Hellsing : Excidium " beyond Chapter Fifteen ? ;) I was (and still am) a great Fan of your Fan-Story since like 2017 or 2018 - but my last Account was banned in what i call "the 2020 October 23rd-Purge of political Dissidents" of the Leftwing-Narrative. ^^

This is why You probably won't remember me. I also liked how You included Characters which were not present in Hellsing Ultimate - like for Example the small-sized Vampire Lady with the pale Appearance.

Also will Alucard ever meet that cool Dhampire-Iscariot(?) Agent again? Which managed to get the Jump on him one time and escape into the Sunlight when Alucard couldn't further chase him ? ;) :D