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Get over here~!!!…

working scorpion vs venom fancomics
^ ^
lot of people sent me a note (Commissions)
Thank you
But can not work because a busy company and outsourcing
Use Google translator to check the notes to the translation is awful (Google translator shit: ()
Too uncomfortable, I do not speak English there are many problems
I'll Be right back with a new work at the end of the company's project

and 1 years ago, have asked the commission to me "Gupkyn"
I'm sorry.
Someday, I promise you'll keep
My mistake, my birthday is September 8.
I'm sorry, everyone
Hello everyone

If you want me to commissions
See below for details.

pencil sketch(quick)-100$

pencil sketch(cover)-200$

digital work(color)-400~500$

For more details
Please send me a note.
Thank you :)