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Troll Rogue

By HeeWonLee
This art In 2010 years work :)


There is one kind of news.

Commissions are open. All info in notes.
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© 2011 - 2021 HeeWonLee
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Bes' not be messn' mon
fangorna's avatar
This looks badass
OmegaClarens's avatar
Roguesdoitfrombehind's avatar
lovely colours and shapes
DemonVlad's avatar
Your skills are just perfect...Gotta Love your art!!!
Storewidesel's avatar
'ey mon, we be a need'n you back at de Warsong, dem alliance rogue puppies be kicking ALL our booties mon
CloverFlowers's avatar
XD Love this comment
Storewidesel's avatar
CloverFlowers's avatar
^ ^ You're welcome!
Nightmarecl's avatar
Great work on the troll, you put a lot of detail into him, good designs on his armor, weapons and the face paint is nice touch. The background compliments him quite well, good job.
MrMayham's avatar
I love how much detail you put into his face. So glad you did a Troll.
silentsteel's avatar
He is so getting his stabbing on. And this is fantastic art! I salute your coloring!
Ragnarok6664's avatar
:devil: Love it, all too few well depicted Troll warriors out there, Troll's are among my faves aswell :D :devil:
DarkDragon247's avatar
Iguanadongreen's avatar
RukiFox's avatar
I love so many deteils! <3
AlyciaZU's avatar
Woah, amazing work!
Rein-chan's avatar
i love the colors and the details its amazing =O
TMirai's avatar
Utterly awesome. The detail, the lighting, the color. This is amazing. I love troll rogues, and this one is quite a badass!
Karting's avatar
Very awesome! I love the line work and the colors. Not to mention troll rogues are awesome.
Nishaja's avatar
Great work with colors, details, everything! :love: :)
Pisu7's avatar
nice details *.*
77Shaya77's avatar
*_* I love this one!
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