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Grom Hellscream and Thrall

By HeeWonLee
Thrall and Grom Hellscream appearance of valor
And they've put an eye on the destroyer Mannoroth.
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Great picture.
Brong back good memories when I played the Orc campaign.
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Das ende der Sklaverei für die Orcs...Episch:D
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ah... good and epic memories
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they look awesome as hell
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WoW! O_____O
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I'm liking the "Old Horde" vibe Grom's giving off in contrast to Thrall's "New Horde" one. You captured their essences perfectly. There's a lot of soul in those two that you've managed to convey here. You got a fave, you did, and you right well earned it. This is a magnificent piece!
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something about those orc ears makes me happy..
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can you help me I am wow player before I view imgea on this site or hve mz browser enabled, I need money to work with.
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Incredible men good job , =D
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i don't know why this don't get a dd ?
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