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Grom Hellscream

By HeeWonLee
For the Horde!!
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This is how awesome Grom is.
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For the Horde !! :D Awesome work, I love it !
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Just flipping epic
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Does Grom justice in every since of the word, but especially the violent kind! He's all like, "I'm here to kill things and burn buildings, and if you have a problem with that, GTFO!" Very well done!

Though, seeing art this fantastic does give a huge blow to my self-esteem...
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i'm gonna fall in love *-*
MonaWolt's avatar
Great! How long you're painting art like this?
Drak58's avatar
There is so much awesomeness in this I dunno where to begin!! :love:
Dreaminator's avatar
:'O ur sooo watched...
natafka's avatar
For the Horrrde indeed! :)
Ragnarok6664's avatar
:devil: Yay! Some "proper" artwork! =) Excellent execution! :devil:
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That is simply gorgeous work! Love the details, especially the musclework.
verybigbonedvirtuoso's avatar
nice :D no tattoos like garroosssssssh
Draconius666's avatar
that's beyond beast man. one of my fav chars too. i'd love to take a peek @ your workflow
WingedGenesis5's avatar
Wow, you should seriously work for Blizzard, you can capture the feel perfectly and create such stunning works
Zombier's avatar
Oh my god.. this is so beautifull. holy shit. x_x
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Pisu7's avatar
omg *_*
♥ ♥ ♥
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kopfjagernordrrasil's avatar
fail, not to defend the alliance becuase they suck ass but its glory to the alliance noobs nowa days eh
TheGeniusBrand's avatar
You really take this game seriously don't you? i was simply mocking the horde if you haven't figured it out already...and i wouldn't consider someone who's been playing WoW since Vanilla a "noob".
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