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Forsaken Queen

By HeeWonLee
I'm Forsaken!

For the Sylvanas!
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© 2011 - 2021 HeeWonLee
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TheSmeil's avatar
Amazing art of Lady Sylvanas Windrunner! ;3
tonipenttila's avatar
Victory for Sylvanas!
wilberarthur's avatar
Favorite Character...ever
KaeryKiller's avatar
She`s very cute, i love her *-* good art
cryptorkid's avatar
Sylvanas is amazing and this is sick ^__^
Karoinna's avatar
I love her! And of course it ;)
Good work :)
Colintheporcupine's avatar
My Forsaken cousin, let your blade stand true for the Horde, and our Queen.
MagicalViper's avatar
Very great work!!
MCrispin's avatar
Once Undead - eternally undead.
Roguesdoitfrombehind's avatar
dark lady watch over you ;)
xzendor7's avatar
This IS Awesome, Love The Color And The Intricate Patterns Of The Piece That Flows From The Queen To The Window.
Storewidesel's avatar
For Sylvannas mon....for the Horde....
kaloh's avatar
hey friend, it's me (: moll
she is my favorite character!!!!
SupermanLovesAspen's avatar
You should try your hand at more females from Warcraft.
Shockowaffel's avatar
Im not a fan of the forsaken, because they dont have undead orcs, but Sylvanas rocks.
Vaejoun's avatar
Are there 2 moons in azeroth ? great sky btw.
Sylvanas is the most amazing charecter. beautiful,sexy and yet sinester , frightening at the same time. youhave really captured this in this artwork. great job.
TheClintHennesy's avatar
Dho designed this armor? :D It's awesome! XD And It seems like something that came from Azjol'Nerub. :D
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