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Demon Hunter Illidan

By HeeWonLee
Illidan in World of Warcraft have drawn.
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© 2010 - 2021 HeeWonLee
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This is heavy metal.
WyckdNick's avatar
By far the most brutal version of Illidan I've ever seen.
HeeWonLee's avatar
I like that, Thank you :)
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<3 this is amazing
HeeWonLee's avatar
CatByrne's avatar
Wow... Superb. On so many levels.
ArtJake's avatar
This is insane ! great work ! :D
ReetLegna's avatar
WOW the details are intense. Did you draw each individual stroke or did you use pattern brushes etc?
Vindicator2k13's avatar
wow Heewonlee is a monster :pills: or a machine :nod:
ThiaminaTenn's avatar
what the HELL, this is amazingly insane!!! Love it!
simply superb!
Mato-Zi-Win's avatar
Just how I'd imagine him beyond his pixel form. It is amazing!
vagepaul's avatar
budeful collers..
WRA-Raina's avatar
What to say?...instant fav+!
ropa-to's avatar
I wasn't prepared for this!
Pupsie's avatar
Daaaaaaaaaamnnnnnn! All that detail!!! Amazing!
SW-Art-and-Design's avatar
Roguesdoitfrombehind's avatar
amazing level of details. great colours and light
Eithriad's avatar
Luismgarat's avatar
Nice work! I love it!
A-Flury's avatar
Just crazy! a lot of details for a beautiful result!
monkeypie13's avatar
Frenzied über nightelf-demon with the skull of gul'dan out for blood? Yeah. You're screwed. I would NOT get near him if he looked like that :) Well done!
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