Diddn't even know DeviantIDs got DDs :P

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But it seems as though I've recieved a DD for the slap dash portrait of myself in front of the famous beach house in Perth. The photo itself was actually taken by the very talented Furiousxr so go take a peek at his stuff. Actually, instead of that, I'm going to do a feature journal on him! huzzah!

Furiousxr tends to favour the panoramic stiching style of photograph whereby many photos are stitched together lengthways to form a much higher resolution image of a scene. He is featured on TV in Western Australia and one of his claims to fame if that he took the image used on the backdrop of the local news cast for Perth. Unfortunately for some reason his stuff is little known on DA...

Singapore from Helix Bridge by Furiousxr Marina Sands View of Singapore by Furiousxr Lake Tahoe IV by Furiousxr Hillarys Boat Harbour 2 by Furiousxr

So there you go.
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I thought it would be possible... but it'd also need to be a very good DevID. :XD: