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A tea house on the grounds of a pretty shrine complex in Otsu, Shiga ken, Japan.

[EDIT] I decided to revisit this image as the previous version was really quite uninspired for such a magnifcant place. Hopefully I can sneak away from the group and visit here again in Janurary, but I doubt it :( I can also see how much detail was lost using my old camera vs my new one..[/EDIT]
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I LOVE this pic !! I have been all over the world , and most time no camera , I love your work!
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I hear that :) I lived in Japan for 2 years when I took this photo and all that time I was shooting on Jpeg :/ Before Japan though, all over the world but no camera. :(
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LOL  sweet , you were lucky to be in Japan ,  share some pics :) and I hope you  like some of my pics :)
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That looks both very interesting and also a tiny bit spooky, I bet it would be at night but I still think it looks cool. hope you are able to retake this photo when you get the chance :)
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Truly beautiful picture, make you want to take trip as well. Just love this.
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Very beautiful.
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I want to go to all the places that you've photographed. I'm drawn in to every image. Love the tone and colors. It's so beautiful!
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What's stopping you?
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Not that much money.. I don't even know where to begin to booking a flight or a hotel.. and I'll need a translator :S
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pfft, best part is getting lost
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Another great composition to go with another great find. :nod:
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Surreal shot! Looks like a great getaway place!
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Thanks a bunch :)
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it clam me down !
a great place!
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I featured your photo here [link]
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Just beautiful. I can't wait to visit Japan next year :)
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