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Monokuro Boo - Wallpaper set

Love these little guys. They are an obscure Japanese character set that have a huge merchandise chain. They really personify simplicity and minimalism.

So in honor of these lil guys, I rendered this. :)

The download contains a widescreen (1680x1050) and a normal (1280x1024) resolution image.
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i love monokuro boo so much eeeeeeep.
i have like everything of it and my whole entire myspace consists mostly of it thanks to photoshop hahah.
eeee. :Dxxxxxx
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I love those lil pigs :D from my avatar to my mobile phone, lil pigs everywhere :D
netteebee's avatar
i have a cellphone cover of it, and cell phone charms for it.
and alot more.

heeeeman's avatar
I wholeheartedly endore this statement and/or event.
b4c0's avatar
You are welcooome!! <3
moniquelimin's avatar
i love monokuro boo!!
this is cute... and cool...
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Waaaah! I love that character! They have a bunch of Monokuro Boo merchandise at the Japanese bookstore by my house. Every time I go I want to get the merch but it's kinda pricey so I have to wait on buying it. ^^; I want the plushie. :heart:

I like what you did with this submission though. They kinda look like little gamecubes. :laughing:
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I got a giant plushie for my birthday! its so awsome, i use it as my pillow :D [link]
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Huaaaaah! No fair!! It's so cute!!!! >O<
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You're too cool :hug:
heeeeman's avatar
Thank ye kindly :)
Adyon's avatar
Ah that's cool. I've never heard of them, but that's a cool idea.
RiddlesofTrickster's avatar
hehe very cute, and also very awesome...
wonderful piece of work :D
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That's adorable. Very crisp render.
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