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*Guffaws* I swear this was supposed to be Thorin retained and led before the Elvenking for intense questioning, but looking at it now it just looks like Legolas introducing the boyfriend to his less-than-approving father! *hides*:XD:

ah well, if it can redeem me, I did honestly draw this as Thorin, this is how I see him, though I will admit I already have a huge crush on the guy playing him in the upcoming movie - he just looks so badass!
I'm pretty psyched about Lee Pace as Thranduil too though, he's very attractive*.* I needed me some proper, flamboyant flowery/leafy crown though, so here is my idea of Thranduil, the epic Elvenking:heart:

Edit: This has been added to :icondarkjackal32: 's website: [link] - go take a look at it, it's awesome and has a multitude of interesting info about the upcoming Hobbit-movie!
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Exactly~ The best way to introduce your boyfriend to your daddy~ Interracial love~ Hm. Awesomeness. :giggle: No. I know it's not about that, I know, I know. :D