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I talked it over with my dad and I finally decided to open proper comissions up!

If I don't get any, oh well, at least they'll be open!


Please use this to establish money:…


Sketches: £1/$1.50   Example:…
Inked Sketch: £3/$5   Example:… (I'll get rid of the pencil if you wish)
Full Colour Traditional pic: £3.50/$5.50   Example:…
Full Colour Photoshop Pic: £6/$10   Example:…
Full Colour MS Paint Pic: £3.50/$5.50    Example:…
Story Oneshot: £2/$3   Example:… (Will probably be longer)
Inked Sketch (By my Dad): £4/$6   Example:…
Collab from me and my Dad (Me colouring, my Dad drawing): £10/$16   Example:…

If I'm colouring on Photoshop then please establish a style:
Cell Shaded (I'm pretty new to this):…
More Detail Burn/Dodge:…
Simple Colours:…
Warriors Manga Style:…
Airbursh (Still Learning):…

I'll be using PayPal :3

Payment has to be received before I start working on the piece!

Check my gallery for stuff I draw but my Dad will probably draw just about anything! Nothing that includes filters though (Except blood, but not too extreme!)

If your interested then please note me!

1. :iconabsolutedream: - Light Dream Done!
2. :iconsonicfan160: - Demon Cooper Done!
3. :iconcarmabellagal: - Carma the Bat Done!
4. :iconsilvershadowsonic17: - Carnival Of Despair cover Done!
5. :iconbaby-bling: - Mercedes, Sonic and Scourge Done!


DA Family:

Brothers: :iconboykingkilla: :iconroninhunt0987: :iconultrapan:

Sisters: :iconkoinusan: :iconchejanea: :iconsonatawind: :iconaquatheohiokitty:

Cousins: :iconrosy-the-rascal:

Aunts: :iconsilvershadowsonic17:


Nieces: :iconspeedlimit-infinity: :iconcarmabellagal:



Dad: :iconjonas-sloth:

Owner: :iconrjxheather: (XD I'm her cat!)

The World-Traveling Case XD: :iconopen-your-heart:


║ ..╔═══╗..................╔═╗║
║ ..║║╔═╝╔═╦══╦╣╔╝║
║ ..║║╚═╗║║║╔╗║║╚╗║
║ ..╚═╗║║╚═╩╝╚╩╩═╝║
║ ..╔═╝║║....................... ...║
╚═╚═══╝═════════╝ post this if you love sonic.

...S...put this
...I... on your
...L...signature stop Silver
...E...from being hated
...R...It shows that you care

...S...put this
...O... on your
...N...signature stop Silver
...C...from being hated
It shows that you care


------------/____/ If you love Warriors,
------------)---W---( copy and paste this
-----------=---A---/= into your channel.

._ ._
/_/ /
_** /
/_/**  If U Got Love 4 JESUS
_/** CHRIST Copy This &
~.._*/Put it on your profile


Contests entries I need to make:

Carma's OC and my OC for :iconcarmabellagal: :star-empty:
Female ninja with black sword for :iconsonatawind: :star:
Knuckles ID for :iconknucklesfanclub77: :star-empty:
Voltron's Lullaby for :iconsexycynder: :star:
Dragoness Halloween Oneshot for :icondragonessoc-fanclub: :star-empty:
Dragoness with a halloween costume for :icondragonessoc-fanclub: :star-empty:
Team Blue, Team Future and Team Underground for :iconblackblur86: :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty:
Sonic Halloween Pic for :iconleniproduction: :star-empty:
Koa, Shaps, Numbuh 712A and Numbuh712B for :iconorionstorm: :star-empty:
Sonic Couple for :iconopen-your-heart: :star: :star-empty:
Dream's OC's for :iconabsolutedream: :star-empty: :star-empty:
Chi's OC's for :iconchico-2013: :star: :star: :star-empty:
Sonic OC in a Halloween costume for :iconsonicfan-charclub: :star-empty:

Deviantart: Hedgey
Fanart-Central: Ginathehedgehog
Youtube: Ginathehedgehog

Things to do:

.Requests and Art-Trades
.Update my stories
.Warriors Project
.HUGE TDH summer project (Not really a summer project now -_-)
.New Dev ID
.Ref for Calico, Nate, Leafo, Thorn, Cyanide and all my Love children
.New contest?
.Sonic birthday pic (I seriously need to do this before his next birthday!)


:star: - Done!
:star-half: - Started
:star-empty: - Not started

Art requests: Closed
Art-Trades: Open
Video Requests: Closed
Video Trades: Open
Edit Requests: Open
Story Requests: Closed
Story Trades: Open
Comissions: Open Info:…

Art Requests:
Devon for Devon11 :star-empty:
Merrick Armagarro Kato Comforting Tails after a nightmare comic strip for :iconroninhunt0987: :star-half:
SD for :iconshalonesk: :star-empty:

Firestar and Sandstorm cuddling for :iconjonas-sloth: :star-half:
Hannah and Alex for :iconaquatheohiokitty: :star-half:
Amber and Crystal Friendship for :iconwolfcrystal:

Story Requests:
StaticxCharmy - Mask for SonicJordan :star-empty:

Sonic Riders Oneshot for :iconopen-your-heart: :star-empty:


:iconaquatheohiokitty: :iconallie-twig: :iconboykingkilla: :icondiosapollos: :iconemmalovesedwardxxx: :iconmairubobuchan: :iconsahrahedgehog: :iconlynxbot: :iconthe-ds2: :iconcaseythehedgehog: :iconhyperstar90: :iconjblaze267: :iconpaintcanman: :iconrjxheather: :icontimeinflux: :iconxxcuteecheeksxx: :iconsorakeyblader258: :iconalbineolove: :iconduckyprincess728: :iconexotoxicimpulse: :iconabsolutedream: :iconchaosemeraldblue: :iconchejanea: :iconchico-2013: :iconcursing-ember: :iconsexycynder: :iconsora-kingdomhearts1: :iconrosy-the-rascal: :iconjonas-sloth: :iconroninhunt0987: :iconshiningbarboach: :iconkittyshootingstar: :iconcarmabellagal: :iconbluewolfie17: :iconwaffleberry: :iconspeedlimit-infinity: :iconkingjill: :iconnekoyasha12: :iconopen-your-heart: :icongemn: :iconultrapan: :iconjsonic50000: :iconachird: :iconbrightcynder: :iconinvaderkrazzy: :iconluner-tigher: :iconsilvershadowsonic17: :iconmanknux5667: :iconsonic2344: :iconfucake: :iconkireiokami:

:icondigimon-destiny: :iconsandyxgrantclub: :iconflamexemberclub: :iconspyroxcynder-fans: :icondragonessoc-fanclub: :iconwarriors-fan-club: :iconknd-club: :iconemmaxedwardfanclub: :iconfarthingwood-fanclub: :iconspyrothedragon: :iconcynder-fans: :iconanimaniacsrock: :iconxxsoniccouplesxx: :iconiblisclub: :iconhoneythecat-club: :iconmanic-fc: :iconshadowth-fans: :iconsonicth-fanclub: :iconknucklesfanclub77: :iconrougethebat-fan-club: :iconknouge-club: :iconknucklesxrougefans: :iconsonamy-knouge-lovers: :iconshadaze-lovers: :iconthe-chaream-club: :iconsonicxshahra-fans: :icontikal-echidna-club: :iconwerehog-fanclub: :iconsonicunleashedfans: :iconchip-club: :iconsatbk-fans: :iconsonicfan-charclub: :icontheforgottensegaclub: :iconbj-fanclub: :icondigimon-oc-club: :iconshadowssiblingsclub: :iconboltfanclub: :iconbalto-fans: :iconratchetandclankfans: :iconpokemondungeonclub: :iconriku-fanatic-club: :icondemyx4-evah: :iconkhclub: :iconmy-little-pony-club: :iconbuck-fans: :iconlangley-falls: :iconfg-club: :iconany-oc-club:
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MasterAccount's avatar
can I have a art trade?
Hedgey's avatar
Sure! What would you like?
SpeedLimit-Infinity's avatar
>;D AHHH that is so awesome, you're so lucky!
I've always wanted to open comissions. ^w^
Hedgey's avatar
Thank you! :D
Really? You should then! 8D
SpeedLimit-Infinity's avatar
You're welcome!
xD I don't have paypal though... I'll probably talk to my mom about it sometime. x3
Hedgey's avatar
I don't either but my dad let me use his :giggle: Well I hope you can get one! ^^
Hedgey's avatar
Rosy-the-Rascal's avatar
Oh cool! I'd get a comission, but I'm broke. T.T
Hedgey's avatar
Aww thanks anyway! I totally understand that X3
Chejanea's avatar
Good idea to open comissions! XD
Hedgey's avatar
Chejanea's avatar
AbsoluteDream's avatar
Oh cool! 8D

Maybe I'll buy one once I get paypal XDD
Hedgey's avatar
Really? 8'D Dawww thanks Dream! :D
-is actually using my Dad's paypal- :giggle:
Lol that's why he's also doing comissions X3
AbsoluteDream's avatar
XDD You're welcome! X3
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