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PayPal and Point Commissions OPEN

:star: Update 26/09/17: Updated ToS with more detail! Thanks for reading. :star:

Paying with PayPal:
Send me a note, we will discuss the picture and prices and when we are happy I will need you to send me your PayPal email address in order for me to send you a PayPal invoice. The prices are in GBP as I am from the UK! If you need to check how much that is in your own currency please use an online currency converter: however when paying with PayPal they will automatically convert the payment for you when you pay for the invoice!

How PayPal invoices work:  How to send an invoice using paypal by Chickenbusiness

Paying with Points:
Send me a note, we will discuss the commission and prices. Once I confirm, I will make a commission widget for you on my page with your username on it, please pay there and not through my main page or donation pool UNLESS I say otherwise, I will not be able to claim earnings. If this happens I will refuse to work on your commission.

100 :points: = $1 HOWEVER dA takes 20 points for every 100. Because of this it is 20% cheaper to pay for a commission using PayPal!!

Will draw:
:bulletgreen: Sonic
:bulletgreen: Humans
:bulletgreen: Cats (and animals in general)
:bulletgreen: Pokemon
:bulletgreen: Digimon
:bulletgreen: Undertale
:bulletgreen: Gravity Falls
:bulletgreen: Phineas and Ferb
:bulletgreen: Disney
:bulletgreen: Nintendo
:bulletgreen: My Little Pony
:bulletgreen: Ratchet and Clank (and most other games)
:bulletgreen: OC's and official characters, as well as OC's with official characters
:bulletgreen: Het, yaoi, yuri, etc. (basically anything, love is love.)
:bulletgreen: All kinds of shippings (OCxcanon, canonxcanon, OCxOC, etc.)

Won't draw:
:bulletred: Realistic humans
:bulletred: Fetish art
:bulletred: NSFW
:bulletred: Violence (some is ok, such as a character winning a fight against another character, but if it involves physical violence then I probably won't be able to draw it)
:bulletred: Hate Art
:bulletred: Nudity/Underwear. Swimwear is ok though.
:bulletred: Lolli/Shota relationships
:bulletred: Vehicles and very detailed weapons

Terms of Service:

:bulletblue: Ask about drawing anything else, chances are I'll consider it! :) (Smile)

:bulletblue: I accept GBP currency ONLY when it comes to paying with PayPal, however rest assured that paying an invoice will automatically adjust the payment to your own currency for you when paying.

:bulletblue: No partial payments or paying after a commission is complete or after a sketch has been sent, sorry! I only take payment up front and won't be able to work on anything until payment is received.

:bulletblue: You may not cancel the commission after it has been paid for, There will be no refunds. The only occasion where I will make refunds is if I am at fault, e.g. if I become too busy to complete a commission.

:bulletblue: I should be done with a commission within 2 weeks or less however if I have a few beforehand to finish first or if a commission is very big or detailed it could take longer up to 3 weeks max and I will inform you beforehand if this is the case. They are honestly usually completed within a couple of days. If you do have a set date you want something completed by, for someone's birthday for example please let me know and I will try my best to accommodate your time period!

:bulletblue: Please DO NOT pay me until I have confirmed the commission. I have the right to refuse the commission if this happens.

:bulletblue: These are prices for full body pieces, if you would like a half body or a headshot then please message me and I will let you know the prices for these (they will be cheaper ^^).

:bulletblue: I have the right to turn down a commission if I find it inappropriate or beyond my artistic abilities.

:bulletblue: Maximum of 3 characters in one commission. If you want more than 3 they will need to be split into separate commissions, however you can send a note to discuss more characters in one piece if you wish.

:bulletblue: PLEASE do not rush me, commissions will be done as soon as I have spare time. I will continue to make personal art in between commissions as well.

:bulletblue: If you are unsure about anything please just ask me and I will be more than happy to discuss anything with you!

:bulletblue: I will send a WIP sketch to you to approve before I start any lineart or colouring if you would like me to, please let me know if you want me to or not once I start. Once I move onto the lines I will no longer be able to change the sketch, e.g. don't ask for a new pose after I start the lineart. Minor changes are fine and I can send more WIPs if you want, please inform me if this is the case, but don't ask for something completely new once a sketch has been approved, I won't change it after that period.

:bulletblue: Commissions are drawn in the order I receive them unless I am waiting for feedback from you on a WIP sketch and need your confirmation before I continue, in this case I might move on and start working on another commission in between. My to do list can always be found here and will be updated regularly: Art Status. If you do not reply to a note with a WIP sketch after 2 days I will continue the commission regardless as it can cause a delay in work if I do not continue. Waiting periods for replies to WIP notes DO NOT count as days included in the 2 week period in which I work on your commission, these are counted as extra days, however normally commissions are done well before the 2 week period is up.

:bulletblue: If you want downloads turned off please inform me and I will be more than happy to do this. If you want to remain anonymous as the commissioner please also inform me and I will not include your username in the uploaded piece.

:bulletblue: Most pieces are uploaded to my gallery for portfolio purposes and may be uploaded to other sites in the future such as Facebook or Instagram.

:bulletblue: You may do what you want with your finished commission, including uploading it to your own gallery as long as you give me credit. The only thing I ask you not to do it commercialise it, e.g. mass production printing.

:bulletblue: If you are unsure about anything please just ask me and I will be more than happy to discuss anything with you!

About my commission style:

:bulletblue: Backgrounds are always transparent unless you have paid for a background however I am happy to do simple backgrounds such as two-tone colours, gradients or small patterns free of charge, please inform me if you would prefer this to a transparent background! When it comes to lineart the background is white, if you would prefer it to be transparent please let me know!

:bulletblue: My lineart style is always a thick black stroke around the image with a white stroke around that apart from in sketches. If you would like your piece without the strokes and just regular lineart please inform me, I'll be happy to take them off!

:bulletblue: I normally work in Photoshop CS6 in a 2000x2000 px canvas size (but it will be made bigger to accommodate larger pieces) with 72 DPI and I use a 5-7 px smooth round brush in RGB colour. If you would like a different size for something specific, e.g. a A4 card sizes drawing then please inform me and I will be happy to accommodate!

:bulletblue: If you want something completely different that you've seen in my gallery, message me and we can discuss details and price!

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this, I hope you find what you're looking for! Anything else please do just ask me, I look forward to working with you in the future! :D
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Would you be interested in, perhaps, a collaborated commission?

GhostlyKimiboo's avatar

Are these still open?

Hedgey's avatar

Hiya yes they still are! :DPlease feel free to send me a message or let me know what you're interested in!

GhostlyKimiboo's avatar

Okay, I’ll send in a note to discuss this

Blazedragon21's avatar
Can you draw my OC feeling upset outside the snow, thinking about Tailsko the Fox.
alex portrait by princessluna04-dblluxtk-Recovered by Blazedragon21     Tailsko by Blazedragon21  
My Oc                          Tailsko the Fox
Hedgey's avatar
Yes of course! Just send me some references and let me know what kind of style you want me to draw in ^_^
Blazedragon21's avatar
Hedgey's avatar
Of course! And did you want a background as well? I can do a free ‘background’ which would just be a snow pattern or I can do a more detailed one but it would cost extra!
Blazedragon21's avatar
Yes please, how much points?
Hedgey's avatar
Did you want the free background or the detailed background at an extra cost? :)
Hedgey's avatar
I'm sorry, I need to know which background you want:
1. A snow pattern for FREE
2. a more detailed background for an extra 660 points
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ZeoSpark16's avatar
Mind if I get one?
Hedgey's avatar
Yes of course! Just let me know the details of what you’d like me to draw :D
ZeoSpark16's avatar
Sorta interesting but I want this oc drawn as Renamon
Commission Pokemon by ZeoSpark16
Hedgey's avatar
I’d definitely be able to do that for you! Do you know what commission style you wanted? ^^
ZeoSpark16's avatar
Colored sketch one
Hedgey's avatar
Awesome and would you prefer to pay with points or Paypal? :)
Hedgey's avatar
Of course! Could you please note me your PayPal and I will write you an invoice ^^

Also did you have any specific poses you wanted or expressions?
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Crescent-Winged's avatar
You used the Enya commission as one of the examples, awesome. :)
Hope to commission you again in the future when I have some money to spend.
Hedgey's avatar
Ah yes I hope that was ok, I really enjoyed drawing her it was a lot of fun ^^ And that would be really awesome, I'd love to do another commission for you one day, thank you very much! :D
Mitch-Kun's avatar
Interested! I'll note you!
Hedgey's avatar
Amazing thank you!! :D <3
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