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UtaPri Redraw - Starish Next Gen! by HedgeCatDragonix UtaPri Redraw - Starish Next Gen! by HedgeCatDragonix
Or "Maji Star" in this case x3 Wanted to do a clever acronym with the kids' first names and surnames and came up with Maji Star, ironically, which is pretty awesome~! :3 (M - Mira/A - Aijima/J - Jinguji/I - Ichinose/S - Sora/T - Takura/A - Aki/R - Ryuu)

In this redraw, I really wanted to draw Starish's kids in their fathers' outfits and pose in a similiar fashion to their Maji Love 1000% CD cover so I went ahead and did it! x3

Hardest part of this image was turning the males into females, I swear there's no easy way to do it... I even looked online for anime genderbends but they didn't do much justice -w-; So I hope it still looks ok (a lot of the girls here probably still look like their fathers, I'm sorry ^^; )

Anywho, here are the kids in order, from top left to bottom right:

:bulletgreen: Naoki Aijima (son of Cecil and Tamiko:…)
:bulletyellow: Sakura Jinguji (child of Ren and Sayuri:…)
:bulletgreen: Yuuko Aijima (daughter of Cecil and Tamiko:…)
:bulletpurple: Kaiya Ichinose (daughter of Tokiya and Haruka)
:bulletblue: Ryuu Hijirikawa (son of Masato and Hatsumi:…)
:bulletred: Takura Ittoki (son of Otoya and Hikari:…)
:bulletorange: Aki Shinomiya (daughter of Natsuki and Kiko:…)
:bulletpink: Sora Kurusu (twin of Mira and son of Syo and Maemi:…)
:bulletpink: Mira Kurusu (twin of Sora and daughter of Syo and Maemi:…)

So maybe I'm getting a LITTLE bit obsessed with UtaPri now, especially with designing fankids x3; Speaking of fan-kids, here are the bios for the kids above:… ^^

Original Image (c) Broccoli/A-1 Pictures (I think?)
Kids (c) Me!
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