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ToD - Ratchet and Clank Sketch

After 8 hours and 10 mins of constant sketching and shading it is finally done! :D

I was watching videos on Youtube the other day of artists doing really detailed sketches of Ratchet and Clank so I decided to set myself a challenge by redrawing one of my own :3 I must say I actually like how it came out (except I made Clank's hands too big ¬3¬) but apart from that I like what I have done ^^ XDDD

Just a note on Clank's eyes, he's supposed to have pirates in them, sort of reflecting off them but after I drew the pirates Clank looked kinda creepy so I put "kawaii" eyes instead ;3 x3

Also one of Ratchet's ears looks a bit out of proportion ^^;

Here is the original image btw:…

(Oh and the little thing in the bottom right corner says "H.C.D.X" which stands for "HedgeCatDragonix" x3) My official signature is on the the bottom left and the Ratchet and Clank logo is, naturally, on the top of the page x3

Original Image, Ratchet and Clank Characters/Logo (c) Insomniac
Sketch (c) :iconhedgecatdragonix:
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Woah! Very nice!! :D
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Thanks x3 It was the longest 8 hours of my life. x3
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XDDD I'm glad it looks ok though ;w; Imma do more of these... Sonic will be next I think
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Amazing sketch! Awesome work! I know it took a long time, but you can't rush art. Great job! ^_^
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Aww thanks ^^
Indeed, I figured the longer I took on it, the better it would look!
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