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"What am I going to do? I was such an idiot..."

A young female, named Maemi, sighed sadly as she rubbed her belly with her hand. She had found out, only a few days ago, that she was pregnant! But now she had to announce the news to her boyfriend, but she wasn't sure how...

Maemi sighed once again as she was in the shower, washing herself, and looked down at her now-pretruding belly.  

"I gotta tell him... but how?"

Maemi soon gasped as she heard the jingle of keys and the apartment door opening, thinking that her boyfriend had come home early.

"Crap! He's back early!"

Once she had finished her shower, Maemi switched it off and quickly got out, beginning to dry herself off in a panicked state.

"Maemi-chan! Are you in here?"

Maemi soon sighed in relief as she heard that the voice who called her wasn't coming from her boyfriend, but from their roommate, Natsuki.

"Yeah, I'm in the bathroom, Natsuki! I'll be with you a minute!"

"Take your time, Maemi-chan~!"

Maemi giggled from Natsuki's joyful response and soon picked up her towel, beginning to dry herself off with it. Once she had finished, Maemi placed her towel on the radiator next to her and soon heard another voice come from outside the bathroom.

"Syo-chan, welcome back~!"

"HEY! Natsuki, let go of me!"

Maemi couldn't help but giggle from hearing Syo's annoyed tone but she soon began to panic once again as she heard Syo's voice coming from the other side of the bathroom door.

"Maemi, are you in here?"

Maemi gulped as she grabbed her towel once again, using it to desperately cover her pregnant belly.

"Y-Yes, I'm here, Syo... just getting out of the shower!"

Syo smirked as he heard Maemi's voice and soon began to remove his shirt before heading towards the bathroom.

"I could do with one too... hang on, I'm coming in~!"

Maemi peeked out of the bathroom door and blushed as she noticed Syo continuing to undress.

"S-Syo! Don't do that in front of Natsuki!"

Syo smirked and chuckled a bit.

"Don't worry, Maemi... me and Natsuki are roomies, we've seen each other in our underwear before!"

Natsuki chuckled a bit as he watched Syo head to the bathroom.


As Syo entered the bathroom, Maemi nervously turned away from him and held her towel over her belly as she heard him approach from behind. He closed the door and gently wrapped his arms around her chest and hugged her close as he whispered into her ear.

"Your hero has returned, Maemi~"

Maemi giggled and turned her head back, noticing that Syo's was resting on her shoulder. She gently rubbed her nose against his in an affectionate manner and Syo soon placed a gentle kiss against her lips. Maemi smirked back at him as he continued to place kisses upon her cheek.

"Hello, Syo-chan~"

Syo made a slightly disgruntled noise from Maemi calling him 'chan', which caused Maemi to giggle and smirk a bit.

"H-Hey, don't call me that!"

"Hehe, Syo-chan... you're so small and cute~"

Syo huffed and continued to hug her, smirking a bit.

"No, YOU'RE the cute one... and you're shorter than me~"

Maemi giggled.

"Alright, I'll give you that one~"

Syo chuckled and soon smirked as he noticed that the towel was wrapped around her. He gently rubbed her back from behind and whispered into her ear once again but with a more seductive tone this time around.

"Are you still naked, Maemi~? Shall I check for you~?"

Maemi smirked a bit as she turned her face to his.

"Yes I am still naked, naughty boy... now I'd like to get dressed if you don't mind~?"

Syo smirked a bit as he gently rubbed her waist with his hand.

"Just a peek~? Natsuki isn't in here~"

Maemi thought for a second and sighed slightly as she wanted to show him but couldn't, due to her now-pretruded bump.

"Sorry Syo, I'm not sure if I want to..."

Syo makes a sympathetic expression as he begins to undress too, placing his clothes on the rail next to him.

"Aw, come on, you're beautiful, Maemi. I'm naked too if that makes you feel more comfortable..."

Maemi smirked a bit as she looked over her shoulder to see a now fully nude Syo with a cheeky expression on his face, gently rubbing his hand against her chest.

"I have to admit... that's a pretty inviting sight for me~"

Syo smirked as he gently continued to rub Maemi's chest.

"Hehe, well I had to find a way to convince you... and I've been working out on the set lately~"

Maemi smirked a bit as she looked back, noticing that Syo was now kissing her neck, in a seductive way. She giggled a bit from the tickly sensation but soon began to panic a bit as Syo gently ran his hand down to her belly.

She gently pushed Syo's hand away and looked down at her feet as Syo, who had felt her gesture, made a confused expression as he pulled away from her slightly.

"Huh? Are you ok, Maemi? You seem a bit tense..."

Maemi gulped as she started to become nervous and turned to face Syo, with her towel still covering her body.

"Sorry, it's just... my time of the month."

Syo scratched the back of head and made a confused expression before gently taking Maemi's hands into his own, sensing that she was nervous.

"That was last week, wasn't it? What's going on, Maemi? Please, tell me."

Maemi noticed that Syo was now making a somewhat worried and serious expression as he gently gripped her hands. She gulped once again and soon began to feel her eyes become wet with tears.

"It's now or never... I HAVE to tell him."

Syo watched curiously as Maemi began to remove the towel around her body and soon placed it on the rack next to her, gently rubbing her belly with her hands. Syo makes a curious expression as he noticed that Maemi had started to cry and walked over to her, gently pulling her into a hug.

"Maemi, you're starting to worry me... you don't normally act like this."

Maemi returned Syo's hug and buried her head into his chest, sobbing softly. Syo looked down at Maemi and gently kissed her forehead as she began to speak.

"I... I-I'm sorry, Syo... I... I have to tell you something."

Syo looked down at Maemi with a confused, yet serious, expression as she pulled away from him and rubbed her belly.

"I... I'm pregnant."

Syo simply stared at Maemi with a shocked expression and soon cleared his throat.

"N-Nani? Did I hear you right? It's funny but it sounded like you said... that... you... were pregnant?"

Maemi gulped and nodded her head before nervously looking down at her feet with a hand on her belly.

After a few awkward seconds of staring at Maemi, Syo finally blinked and Maemi gasped and ran to his aid as he soon began to fall to the ground. Maemi acted quickly and caught him before he hit the ground but soon began to panic as Syo was laid in her arms with his eyes closed.

Maemi gently shook Syo in her arms and laid him onto a towel, across the bathroom floor.

"Syo, are you ok?! Please speak to me! I knew this would happen somehow..."

Syo stirred a bit and looked up as Maemi kneeled down beside him and listened to his chest. Maemi soon noticed Syo beginning to wake up and sighed in relief.

"Thank goodness... are you hurt?"

Syo groaned a bit and looked up at Maemi with a somewhat serious expression.

"No, but Maemi... why didn't you tell me this before?!"

Maemi continued to sob a bit and shivered slightly as Syo stood up and crossed his arms over his chest.

"I... I didn't... I didn't know how to! I was scared, ok?! I'm sorry, Syo... I'm sorry!!"

Maemi soon looked down at her feet and began to cry, not able to hold back her tears anymore.

Syo sighed softly and closed his eyes, feeling guilty from his action. He walked over and gently pulled Maemi into another hug and gently caressed her cheek with his hand.

"Hey, hey... I'm the one who should be sorry, Maemi. I'm really happy that we're having a baby, I just wasn't expecting this news so soon... I'm really sorry."

Maemi made a small sniffing sound as she held onto Syo but soon smiled a bit as she looked down and noticed him gently rubbing her bump and smiling up at her.

"But, hey... now's the time to be happy, right? We're gonna be parents!"

Maemi giggled a bit and nodded her head.

"Yes we are, Syo..."

After a slight pause, Syo soon wrapped his hands around Maemi's waist and lifted her into the air. Maemi looked down at Syo, curiously but then giggled as he spun her around and beamed a large smile.

"Yosh! I'm going to be a papa~!"

Maemi giggled and held onto Syo as he spun her around.

Syo and Maemi soon look over to the door as they hear a clapping sound, followed by a shout.


Syo pouted and placed Maemi down before making an angry expression and facing the bathroom door.

"Oi! Stop eavesdropping, Natsuki!!"

"Sorry, Syo-chan~!"

Maemi giggled softly and whispered to Syo.

"It's ok, Syo... he's gonna be the baby's godfather anyway so it's best that he hears the news first~"

Syo smirked a bit as he nodded.

"That's true... I think Natsuki would make a good godfather."

Maemi nodded and smiled as Syo held her in his arms and kissed her lips, tenderly before gently rubbing her bump.

"I can't wait!"

"Me neither, Syo~!"

As they finished the kiss, the two held each other's hands and soon looked at each other in confusion as they heard various voices coming from the outside of the bathroom.

"Hmm? Are there other people in our apartment?"


"Hello everyone, come on in~!"

Natsuki beamed as five young males entered the apartment and began to talk amongst themselves before turning to him.

"Hey, Natsuki~!"

"Hello, Shinomoya-san. Have you seen Ochibi-chan and Miss Shiori~?"

Natsuki nodded and pointed towards the bathroom.

"Hai! They are both in the bathroom... Syo-chan, Maemi-chan! The others are here for a visit~!"


Maemi smiled and clapped her hands.

"Yay! That means we can tell everyone the news!"

The young blonde smiled and nodded his head as he proudly began to walk towards the bathroom door. Before he opened the door, however, he soon heard Maemi giggling and turned to face her.

"Hmm? What are you laughing at?"

Maemi sniggered as she grabbed Syo's underwear and handed them to him.

"Syo, you can't go out there yet... you're still naked!"

The young blonde looked down at himself and blushed as he began to pull on his underwear.

"Thanks Maemi, that would have been really embarrassing if I went out like this!"

Maemi giggled as she grabbed her towel and wrapped it around her chest before pulling on a dressing gown over the top. She then kissed Syo's cheek from behind and walked towards the door.

"Don't worry, Syo... I'll go get you some trousers!"

Syo smiled and gave Maemi a thumbs up as he watched her exit the bathroom.

"You're the best, Maemi..."


As Maemi left the bathroom, she held her dressing gown around her and smiled as she noticed five males in the apartment, along with Natsuki, who was talking with them.

One of the males turned around and smirked as he took Maemi's hand into his own and placed a gentle kiss upon it.

"Good evening, my lady~"

This action caused the remaining males to turn and face Maemi.

"Hi, Maemi-chan~!"

"Good evening, Maemi."

Maemi smirked from the male's action and looked at the other males.

"Hi everyone~! Ren... you're still as flirty as ever I see~?"

Ren bowed his head and let out a small chuckle as he gave Maemi a wink.

"My lady, you know me too well~"

A young male with blue hair tutted and crossed his arms as an agitated expression was now present on his face.

"We all do, Ren... you always act like this."

Ren let out a small tsk as he released Maemi's hand from his own. Maemi giggled as she walked between the group of males and headed over to her bedroom. She then picked up a pair of trousers and opened the bathroom door, slightly, passing them through the gap.

Syo, who was on the other side of the gap, noticed the trousers and took them from Maemi's hand, whispering through the gap.

"Thanks, Maemi~"

Maemi let out a small giggle and headed back over to the group of males. The young redhead, named Otoya, beamed a cheerful smile as he waved to Maemi.

"Hi, Maemi~! Sorry for us all coming here unannounced... we just wanted to see how you were settling in with Natsuki and Syo."

The two blue-haired males bowed their heads.

"We are truly sorry if we are interupting anything."

"Hai, we realise that you and Syo need your privacy since you are now together."

Maemi smiled sweetly as she placed a hand on her belly.

"It's ok, guys, really! It was really sweet for all of you to come and visit~"

The young males all smile and chuckle amongst themselves as Natsuki gives them all a hug.

"Hai! Me, Maemi-chan and Syo-chan love having visitors~!"


"Hey, guys! What's happening~?"

The five males look behind Maemi as they notice Syo walking out of the bathroom, wearing only a pair of dark brown jeans. He walked over to Maemi and gently wrapped an arm around her shoulder.

"Hi, Syo~!"

"Good to see you, Kurusu-kun."

Ren nodded and gave Syo a small wave before smirking as he noticed that both him and Maemi weren't wearing a lot of clothing and were giving loving glances to one another.

"My, my... you didn't tell us that you and Shiori-chan were busy, Ochibi-chan~"

Syo clenched his fists and gritted his teeth as he pointed at Ren, a dark blush now present on his cheeks.

"Eh?! We weren't doing anything, you pervert!!"

Maemi smirked and shook her head as she looked up at Ren.

"I promise you that we haven't, Ren... I just came out of the shower and Syo was going to have one after me. You might want to clean your mind of those dirty thoughts, Mr Romantic~"

Ren held his hands out, defensively and sweated as a nervous expression appeared on his face.

"My apologies, Ochibi-chan... Shiori-chan."

One of the blue-haired males walked over to Ren with his arms crossed and glared up at him.

"Ren, you should not be so nosey. Maemi and Syo are a couple now, you need to respect their privacy."

Ren stepped back with his hands still up, admitting defeat.

"Alright... I understand, Masa."

Masato nodded his head and turned to Maemi as she placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Thank you, Masa."

The blue-haired male gave Maemi a small smile and nodded once again before watching Maemi walk back over to Syo.

Otoya chuckled nervously as he placed a hand behind his head.

"Ehh... c-can we change the subject, please? This is getting a bit awkward..."

A young brown-haired male, named Cecil, smiled and nodded as he turned to Syo and Maemi.

"I agree... is there any new information you wish to tell us? I sense that you two have a secret~"

"Ehh?! How do you know?!"

Cecil let out a small chuckle.

"I just do~"

Syo let out a small sigh and turned to Maemi, smiling softly at her.

"I think we better tell them..."

Maemi smiled and let out a small giggle as she noticed a large beaming smile appear on the young blonde's face. He began to wriggle around on the spot, impatiently and Maemi smirked as she whispered to him.

"Syo... do YOU want to tell everyone~?"

The young blonde jumped up and down, excitedly as he couldn't hold back the secret any longer.

"Hai, hai~! I'm gonna be a papa, guys~!"

The five remaining males all let out a collective gasp from hearing the news and all began to offer their praises to the couple. The young redhead beamed a large smile and patted Syo's back.

"Ehh?! That's awesome, guys~!"

The young brown-haired male, named Cecil, clapped his hands and jumped up and down, excitedly.

"Yay, congratulations~!"

Ren smirked as he placed a hand on Maemi's shoulder.

"Congratulations, my lady... may I~?"

Maemi nodded and smiled as Ren gently placed a hand on her belly. The young blue-haired male, named Masato smiled as he placed a hand on Maemi's shoulder.

"Congratulations to you both."

Maemi let out a small giggle as Ren and Otoya rubbed her belly.

"Thanks, guys... I'm pretty excited~!"

Syo fistbumped the air and gave Maemi a hug from behind.

"Yosh, me too~!"

Maemi smirked as she turned to face the young blonde and kissed his lips. Syo yelped from the surprise of the kiss and the two pulled away.

"Hehe, gotcha Ochibi-chan~"

"O-Oi! Don't call me that, it's bad enough when Ren does it!!"

Ren chuckled from the comment and placed a hand on his hip.

"Isn't it more of a term of endearment when Maemi calls you it?"

Syo pouted slightly as he wrapped his arms around Maemi, holding her close.

"No comment..."

Otoya chuckled and placed a hand on Syo's shoulder.

"I never knew you were so tender, Syo~"

"Oi, don't you start, Otoya!!"

The remaining males let out a collective chuckle from the situation and Otoya beamed a heart-felt smile as he gently rubbed Maemi's belly.

"Eh, we should have a party for this~!"

"That's a good idea, Ikki..."

"Hai, I will prepare the food."

Maemi smiled and clapped her hands.

"I LOVE parties~!"

Syo chuckled and smirked as he kissed Maemi's cheek from behind.

"You're such a kid~"

Maemi smirked and crossed her arms.

"Oi, am I not allowed to enjoy parties?"

Syo smiled and kneeled down before placing a tender kiss on Maemi's belly.

"I can't wait for you to arrive..."

*Little did they know that they were actually having twins!*
Just really wanted to do a fluff story with Syo and Maemi x3

This time around, Maemi is pregnant but now she has to tell her bae... you can imagine how this will go down with Ochibi-chan XD

I don't even know what I did with the ending, I'm sorry ^^;

Syo/Preview Image (c) Brocolli/A-1 Pictures
Maemi (c) Me!
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