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UtaPri Parent Designs - Kaito and Misaki Kurusu by HedgeCatDragonix UtaPri Parent Designs - Kaito and Misaki Kurusu :iconhedgecatdragonix:HedgeCatDragonix 7 0 The Twins of Troublemaking! by HedgeCatDragonix The Twins of Troublemaking! :iconhedgecatdragonix:HedgeCatDragonix 4 0 UtaPri Redraw - Reunion by HedgeCatDragonix UtaPri Redraw - Reunion :iconhedgecatdragonix:HedgeCatDragonix 6 0 UtaPri Redraw - I want a baby... by HedgeCatDragonix UtaPri Redraw - I want a baby... :iconhedgecatdragonix:HedgeCatDragonix 9 6 Happy Birthday, Vicky! by HedgeCatDragonix Happy Birthday, Vicky! :iconhedgecatdragonix:HedgeCatDragonix 11 0 Clannad Redraw - The Birth of Taiki (Hikari's POV) by HedgeCatDragonix Clannad Redraw - The Birth of Taiki (Hikari's POV) :iconhedgecatdragonix:HedgeCatDragonix 8 0 Am I not like myself unless I'm smiling? by HedgeCatDragonix Am I not like myself unless I'm smiling? :iconhedgecatdragonix:HedgeCatDragonix 9 0 UtaPri - Daughters of Starish by HedgeCatDragonix UtaPri - Daughters of Starish :iconhedgecatdragonix:HedgeCatDragonix 9 0 UtaPri - The Sons of Starish by HedgeCatDragonix UtaPri - The Sons of Starish :iconhedgecatdragonix:HedgeCatDragonix 10 0
Prince Sonic X Maid Kirana (SATBK AU) - Wedding
"Y-your highness! Your father, he has returned!"
A young servant ran frantically through the corridors of the castle before opening a large wooden door.
Sonic looked up at the doorway and placed a finger against his lips as the servant entered the room. The young servant opened his eyes in shock as he saw a purple-furred hedgehog sleeping in his master's bed with Sonic sat in a chair next to it.
He looked up at the young male with a questionable expression and noticed that he now had a soft smile present on his face.
"Shh, she's asleep... now, did you say that my father was here?"
"Y-yes... he has returned from his long journey."
Sonic nodded his head as he stood up from his chair and gently caressed Kirana's cheek before walking over to the young servant.
"Thank you, Ganix... I shall speak with him now."
Ganix bowed his head as he gently placed a hand on Sonic's shoulder.
"F-forgive me, your highness. May I ask why there is a young woman upon your bed? N-no
:iconhedgecatdragonix:HedgeCatDragonix 5 0
Prince Sonic X Maid Kirana (SATBK AU) - Confession
"But your highness, you must marry to become king!"
A young male hedgehog, sighed as he paced back and forth in his medieval abode. He wore an armor suit of pure gold, but with his helmet eye-piece positioned away from his face, revealing his muzzle, nose and emerald-hued eyes.
He also wore a long red cloak which draped behind him as he turned to the person who spoke to him and frowned in his direction.
"For the last time, my Lord... I will not do this. I cannot force a female to marry me... it is immoral."
The young hedgehog, named Sonic, noticed the noble, named Ganix, lower his head in defeat as he heard his answer. Sonic sighed as he walked over to the window of his bedroom.
"I am sorry, my Lord... I do want to become king but only once I am married with someone I truly love. Forgive me, but I would like to be alone to think about this."
Ganix sighed, almost inaudibly, as he bowed before Sonic's presence.
"As you wish, your highness."
As Ganix left and closed the door behind
:iconhedgecatdragonix:HedgeCatDragonix 5 1
Team Fortress 2 OC - Mackenzie Brown by HedgeCatDragonix Team Fortress 2 OC - Mackenzie Brown :iconhedgecatdragonix:HedgeCatDragonix 4 7
Part 7 - Ren X Shy Reader (Truth or Dare)
"That was so cute~!"
The leader smirked a bit as she watched Natsuki run back to the academy with one of the girls.
"Indeed, she's lucky to be with the cutie of the group~"
"Eh? I thought Syo was the cutie..."
The girls all giggled amongst themselves and the last girl, you, raised your hand, shyly and smiled as you spoke.
"Ano... I am the last girl, aren't I?"
The leader looked to you and smiled.
"Hai! And I think I have the perfect dare for you in mind..."
You gulped, nervously and slowly nodded your head as you awaited the question.
"Ok, (Y/n)-chan... truth or dare?"
"Um... d-dare-- n-no, I mean truth!"
The leader giggled and smirked a bit.
"Ah, ah, ah... too late to change your mind~"
You pouted and crossed your arms as one of the girls, who were sat behind you, placed her hand on your shoulder.
"It's ok, (Y/n)-chan... after all she's put the rest of us through, she may take it easy on you, especially since you're the shyest of all of us~"
You continued to pout from the comment and
:iconhedgecatdragonix:HedgeCatDragonix 4 6
Part 6 - Natsuki X Cute Reader (Truth or Dare)
"Aww, she's so shy~!"
You giggled from the comment and turned to face the leader, who was looking at you already.
"Well, there are two people left... how about you go next, (Y/n)?"
You smiled shyly and thought for a second before shrugging your shoulders.
"Ok, I pick... dare~! Everyone else seems to be picking that option..."
The leader scratched her chin before looking over to a long-haired male, who was chuckling, happily. She then turned back to you and giggled slightly.
"I dare you to... sing the Piyo-chan song~!"
"Ehh? B-but I don't even know Piyo-chan..."
The leader took out her phone from her pocket and smiled as she showed you a video of the same long-haired male, named Natsuki, dancing with Piyo-chan and singing along to a joyful sounding tune.
"Piyo, Piyo, Piyooo, Piyo, Piyo-chan~!"
You couldn't help but smile from the overall cuteness of the video and let out a small giggle. You then noticed that the male in the video looked very familiar and gasped.
"Is that... Shino
:iconhedgecatdragonix:HedgeCatDragonix 3 0
Part 5 - Masato X Timid Reader (Truth or Dare)
You gasped slightly as you noticed one of your friends running away from the boys with her face covered.
"Oh my... it looks like we flustered her too much. Is she ok?"
The leader smiled slightly and looked over to you as she leaned her back against a tree.
"Don't worry, (Y/n)... she'll be ok. She just needs a bit of time to herself. Now, I believe we have three of us left. Who's next?"
You look to the other girls and soon notice that they were looking to you, as if you say 'it's your turn'.
The leader looked over to you and smirked.
"Hey, (Y/n)... you have a crush on Masa, don't you~?"
You blushed and covered your mouth as you turned away from the girls.
"Eh? S-Sorry, I-I don't know what you are talking about..."
The leader smirked as she placed a hand on your shoulder.
"Hehe, I think you do, (Y/n)-chan~"
You continued to look away as the leader giggled.
"I think it should be your turn next, (Y/n)... Truth or Dare?"
You blushed as you turned back to face the group of girls.
"Eh? Hmm, o
:iconhedgecatdragonix:HedgeCatDragonix 3 0
Part 4 - Tokiya X Stubborn Reader (Truth or Dare)
All of the girls continued to giggle as they watched a flustered Syo chasing the girl back towards the academy.
"Well... it looks like they'll be quite busy for a while. So, who's next~?"
You turned your head away as you realised that you were one of the only girls remaining to be chosen. You watched anxiously as the leader turned to you and smirked a bit.
"Your turn, (Y/n)-chan~"
You tutted and rolled your eyes as you notice the other girls stare at you, giggling and smirking.
"Great... now I'm going to fall victim to this foolish game. Fine... I choose dare."
The leader placed a finger to her chin as she looked over the group of boys.
"Hmm, I think a cute dare would be good for you, (Y/n)... so I dare you to ruffle Tokiya's hair~!"
You tilted your head to the side and pouted slightly.
"... seriously? I hardly know him..."
"Ehh?! But it's a dare, (Y/n)... you HAVE to do it!"
You sighed as you stood up and placed a hand to your head.
"Alright, fine... I'll do it. Anything to sto
:iconhedgecatdragonix:HedgeCatDragonix 4 0


Maya Animation test - Classic Sonic by GenusEntertainment Maya Animation test - Classic Sonic :icongenusentertainment:GenusEntertainment 68 11 Ittoki Otoya Render by Silviadelacruz Ittoki Otoya Render :iconsilviadelacruz:Silviadelacruz 8 2 Couples Adopts by ArtsySiege Couples Adopts :iconartsysiege:ArtsySiege 79 27 005. Couple base by pixel-dolls 005. Couple base :iconpixel-dolls:pixel-dolls 2,337 241 Anime Couple Base 5 by AnimeBases2 Anime Couple Base 5 :iconanimebases2:AnimeBases2 112 4 Couple Base by TFAfangirl14 Couple Base :icontfafangirl14:TFAfangirl14 375 34 Newborn me!! by JoeyTheHedgehog07 Newborn me!! :iconjoeythehedgehog07:JoeyTheHedgehog07 3 0 Best friends :BASE: by milky-pixels Best friends :BASE: :iconmilky-pixels:milky-pixels 1,960 282 The reconciliation Part 8 by idolnya The reconciliation Part 8 :iconidolnya:idolnya 43 10 The reconciliation Part 7 by idolnya The reconciliation Part 7 :iconidolnya:idolnya 35 2 FA -Pure Feeling Like The Rain (+Fanfic link PTBR) by TsukiAkii FA -Pure Feeling Like The Rain (+Fanfic link PTBR) :icontsukiakii:TsukiAkii 36 0 -STH Sea Doodles- by Biko97 -STH Sea Doodles- :iconbiko97:Biko97 211 66 -STH Surfers- by Biko97 -STH Surfers- :iconbiko97:Biko97 495 101 His Crush by CorpseCoffin His Crush :iconcorpsecoffin:CorpseCoffin 18 14 BT:41 by Drawloverlala BT:41 :icondrawloverlala:Drawloverlala 209 24


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Samantha Rawlings
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom

Maia Avion by Dorkeus

Full name: Samantha Jane Rawlings
Birthday: 14/07/1994
Birthplace: Cheltenham, UK
Ethnicity: White/British
Sexuality: Bisexual
Hobbies: Playing video games and drawing ^^
Birthstone: Ruby
Planet: Moon
Starsign: Le crab~
Zodiac: Year of the Dog


Colour/s: Purple and blue
Character/s: UtaPri (especially Otoya and Syo!), Sonic, Shadow, Tails and Blaze for Sonic/Crash Bandicoot/Ratchet and Nefarious from Ratchet and Clank/Ty the Tasmanian Tiger and Sly and Tennessee from Sly Cooper x3
Music: Video game, 70s-80s-90s, R n B, Deep/Tropical House and Drum and Bass
Food: Anything with pasta and chocolate ;p
Animal: See my user name x3 (Cats, hedgehogs, dragons and phoenixes...) as well as Lombaxes, of course ;3


Music: Rap... (unless its SA2 related x3)
Food: Mushrooms and tomatoes >< (...unless they're in a sauce or soup~)
Animal: Wasps and seagulls ¬3¬

Social Medias:

FurAffinity:… (18+ content, beware! x3)
InkBunny: (AGAIN 18+ content, beware! x3)


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