Mask of the Dragon - A Book Review.

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"Mask of the Dragon" is a book written by Deviant :iconashwolf-forever: which is story of childhood innocence and the supernatural. The featured character is a 16-year old girl named Abigail Palmer, who hasn't outgrown an imaginary friend, a black dragon named Dominic, whom she has leaned on since the loss of her parents, a decade ago.

Like most teenagers, she going through the typical pressures of her choice of friend and passing a driving test, and outside pressures like her Aunt Gladys and Reverend Davidson. But over the years Abigail noticed some unusual changes involving Dominic. Instead of him being under her complete control, the dragon has taken a life of his own, leaving Abigail to wonder if she's responsible  for his behavior... or perhaps "Dominic" is more that he seems.

When I first read this book, I will admit, I was rather confused about certain characters until I fully received a better understanding as I read further. The book also adds a dash of mystery as certain clues scattered throughout the story adds some spice to the truth and when the truth came out, everything else I read throughout the story was making sense.

I have to admit that as I was reading this I was picturing Eddie Murphy as the voice of Dominic but as I read further I felt Sean Connery would have been more appropriate here. This book is an epic fantasy story in which you are caught in the middle of a fine line between what is reality and what is fantasy and also how not to judge people from first impressions without getting to know them.

By all means, I would recommend this book to read and I'm looking forward to the sequel that :iconashwolf-forever: is current working on. Ash, this was quite a journey you took me on. Well done.

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Bravo to Ash! For all we know she could be a great author one day!