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Taking the Skies

It wasn't long before the McClouds, Skywing, Spyra and Cyndro are flying to Dragon Island. Using the JFX, Fox and Krystal were curious as to see Dragon Island as they are flying for quite some time.

Fox: It's been an hour already. I wonder how much longer and further will we get there?

Krystal; Only Spyra and Cyndro knows. All we can do is follow them.

Cyndro them flies close to the JFX.

Cyndro: We'll be there in about half an hour. Prepare to see the wonder of Dragon Island.

Fox: We're looking forward to it.

Krystal model by :iconcharleyfox: and :iconldragon:

Fox McCloud model by :iconUnrealFox;
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I was hoping to see Tails here. Oh well.
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Sorry, but Tails has nothing to do with this set of events.