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Published: November 7, 2018
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With her suitcase packed and ready, Peach first hears from Daisy about the latest development of the feud between Mario and Luigi in the XPWL.

Peach: Well, what happened this time?

Daisy: Last night there was a XPWL house show and they were battling each other again. It was painful to see but I did notice something interesting.

Peach: What is it?

Daisy: First of all, Luigi won the match but he did something that caught my attention. After the match, he went to Mario who was down for the count, and then just helped him up. Then as Mario was still groggy from the match, Luigi just exited the ring. No attack at all on Luigi's part.

Peach: Sounds as if Luigi still cares about Mario despite their current differences. I don't understand why Mario is so resentful to Luigi's wrestling. They never had that conflict when we play golf, tennis, cart racing or other sports and games.

Daisy: Mario did say he wanted Luigi to be back with him in the activities that we do. I think Mario's jealous of the fact that Luigi is breaking out on something on his own.

Peach: Whatever reason I just hope Mario will come to his senses. But for now, I better stay away from Mario until he and Luigi patch things up between them.

Daisy: Are you ready to go?

Peach: Yes, I'm set.  I just hope the time away will ease my mind. Let me know what's going on and keep me posted.

Daisy: Will do, Peach. I won't let the boys know where you're going. Let them figure it out themselves.

Peach: Thanks, Daisy. Be sure to come see me there.

Daisy: Will do, Peach. Let's go.

Peach and Daisy (c) Nintendo
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BigMac1212Hobbyist Photographer
I hope the princesses have some people to hug them.
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HectorNYHobbyist Digital Artist
Peach is the one that's going but first both have a place to go to. Thanks for the fave.
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RuneKerianDrakeHobbyist Digital Artist
Em, sorry to sound so anticlimactic and misplaced, yet what is going on?
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HectorNYHobbyist Digital Artist
This is part of a wrestling story arc by :iconrachidile: that has Mario and Luigi fighting each other. I'm doing the story from Peach and Daisy's point of view in which they don't like the idea of the brothers fighting each other.
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RuneKerianDrakeHobbyist Digital Artist
That explains the why
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