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Kumeri's Research

(Fara and Ralton leave the Sick Bay and head for the Holodeck. When they arrive they see that the program for a Gym is already activated.)

Fara: Looks as if someone else is using the gym. Let's see who.

(When they enter, they see Kumeri with two weights. But the weights are hovering by themselves. Seeing Fara and Ralton, Kumeri lowers her hands and the weights gently lower to the floor.)

Fara: Working on your Kenetic Energy, Kumeri?

Kumeri: Oh, yes, Fara. Been busy controlling it.

Fara: Kumeri, this is Ralton.

Kumeri: Oh, yes, We met before in the library.  I was reading up on your kind. Very interesting information.

Ralton: wait- Reading about my kind? The Assassins?!

Kumeri: Oh, yes. You'd be amazed what gets written over the course of five hundred years. When I heard about you, I had to do some research.

Fara: And when Kumeri goes into research, there's no stopping her.

Ralton: But our brotherhood is a secret order. How did you obtained such information? 

Kumeri: Researchers and historians have made various discoveries about your brotherhood and the Knights Templar. It has also indicated that both of your brotherhoods have played vital in the course of history. These discoveries were found almost 10 years ago and it is believed that both brotherhoods are existing today under new names. No one knows what your brotherhood is now but it is believed that the Knights Templar could be under the guise of terrorists groups and pirates.

Ralton: Hmm, if there were associations, I would understand but being terrorists and pirates themselves?... that doesn’t sound like them.

Kumeri: It's a possibility, though. Things do change during the course of history. For all we know your brotherhood could be somewhere here under our very noses.

Ralton: After almost 600 years... the Assassins and the Templars... are still at war?...

It may look that way. And that Templar out there may not know that but he will if he finds out.

Ralton: Hmm, you know I think those who got all this information... by researching the time when the two orders became known to the public, the time of the Knights Templar and the Hashashins.

Kumeri: It's possible. A little more research may be needed.

Ralton: I don’t know. Researching this could catch both the Assassins and Templars attention, not to mention that get you all involved in this war... I don’t this is a good idea...

Kumeri: But you're an Assassin. Where your brotherhood is now we don't know. But right now let's get you in shape for that Templar.

Ralton: Yes, let’s focus on that first.

Krystal model by :iconcharleyfox: and :iconldragon:

Kumri texture by :iconrachidile:

Ralton (c) :iconhokins000:

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I hope the research will produce helpful results.

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So far it has brought some interesting facts. Thanks for the fave.