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Exiled to the Future

On the borderlands of the Forest of Mists, the strange doorway opens and slowly a feline individual walks out in cuffs. Saddened to serve what would be her life in exile, All she could think of is how her life has been one wrong turn after another. However because the court was merciful, she avoided the death penalty and was given life in exile. All because of a freakish accident that almost killed a nobleman. Now dressed in beggar's rags, she has a chance to start over again in this new world she has stepped into. As the door closes, her cuffs would disappear, freeing her. As she rubs her wrists, she prepares to hopefully start things with a clean slate.-
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Is this Katia the Khajiit?

Magical gateways like this appear in Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion, so it matches quite well with that world.
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Yes, it is. And reading the comic so far, she certainly has gone into a lot of hard luck. Poor thing.

Great. Now she comes to this world and we'll see what kind of situation she'll get herself into. Thanks for the fave.
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To be honest, even though I also like the character of Katia, I am surprised with how popular she is considering how obscure the comic she's from is.

I wonder if one day Nyra will become as popular as Katia. Probably not, unless I made a full on animated series for Nyra. But if that is the case, it will be after I made the Carwailea series.
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The comic may be obscure, but it always begins as an idea. And an idea is like a seed that needs to be planted. Because there are many Skyrim players including yourself, that seed of an idea nurtures to blossom as a web comic.

The same could be said for Nyra. All it takes is the kind of TLC that you're currently doing with Carwailea. And should Carwailea gain popularity, that would help plant the seed for a series on Nyra. And of course, when fellow artists show their way of supporting your ideas through fan art, you know you will have an audience for the animation.
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Aw, I wish I could hug this catgirl.

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We'll see more of her later on.
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Looks like it's time for a new beginning for her.
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We'll see more of her as we go along.
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Well then. We wish her good luck.
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