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Heading Home by HectorNY Heading Home :iconhectorny:HectorNY 4 1 Getting Settled by HectorNY Getting Settled :iconhectorny:HectorNY 4 1 Finding a Space by HectorNY Finding a Space :iconhectorny:HectorNY 3 1 Getting In Out of the Rain by HectorNY Getting In Out of the Rain :iconhectorny:HectorNY 3 1 Excuse Me, Is This Yours? by HectorNY Excuse Me, Is This Yours? :iconhectorny:HectorNY 7 17 Surrender by HectorNY Surrender :iconhectorny:HectorNY 6 4 Car Fun 4 by HectorNY Car Fun 4 :iconhectorny:HectorNY 3 8 Car Fun 3 by HectorNY Car Fun 3 :iconhectorny:HectorNY 4 13 Car Fun 2 by HectorNY Car Fun 2 :iconhectorny:HectorNY 4 6 Car Fun 1 by HectorNY Car Fun 1 :iconhectorny:HectorNY 4 7 Caught In Traffic by HectorNY Caught In Traffic :iconhectorny:HectorNY 5 5 Dry Inside by HectorNY Dry Inside :iconhectorny:HectorNY 4 5 Picking Up  A Friend by HectorNY Picking Up A Friend :iconhectorny:HectorNY 4 8 Driving Through The Rain by HectorNY Driving Through The Rain :iconhectorny:HectorNY 5 5 Riding the Rain by HectorNY Riding the Rain :iconhectorny:HectorNY 6 8 Discovery 306 by HectorNY Discovery 306 :iconhectorny:HectorNY 10 12


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November Bday - 1 by Jose-Ramiro November Bday - 1 :iconjose-ramiro:Jose-Ramiro 45 22 Kimba_Nights of the Comet by SergioKa Kimba_Nights of the Comet :iconsergioka:SergioKa 51 34
[SFE] The Ancient Element P2
A continuation.
Officer Falcone with Bailey Williamheim were on their way through the city, passing by some men and women who were talking with the many reporters and journalists that presented within the judgement court as some real event is going to happen within. The information about was so vague, but it was about something related at the laboratory that exploded and had cover a great number of corpses and casualties that were caught within the collateral damage. Some didn't make it to the hospital and the loss were so damaged their wounds shall leave scars furthermore. Yet, that was not the point for the police to stop and ask about. They have a schelude to accomplish that might gave at them the right path to continue their investigation about the bird that the cameras had recorded before the entire sinister occur. Bailey tried to not hurry nor ask more his teacher like officer who was driving as focus on the road ahead. Yet, something was not in its true point. Like something is
:iconrunekeriandrake:RuneKerianDrake 2 10
[SFE] The Ancient Element P1
Continuation of The Last Show
Things back at the police station got a bit occupied with many men and women running here and there after the incident with the laboratory that occasionated many casualties around the squares and many people and creatures who got caught by the explosion and flying debris hospitalized after receive multiple injuries by the happening. From one of the offices, the veteran officer Eagles Falcone was on the mood to discover what happened on the installations before they burst in flames and do the already explained. With him, there was a small rookie policeman who has small dreams to someday make his own way at the Alphabase and has a place within the complex. As know more about the different positions within the same headquarters from Starfox Earth. It was a chance of many to assist as new member. But he needed to prepare himself first within the police to make a place within. Ideas of him.
His name is Bailey Williamheim. And he was given at the wing of the mos
:iconrunekeriandrake:RuneKerianDrake 6 5
[SFE] The Last Show P2-2
Continuation of the First Part:
While thing happened around the forest, and the members of Starfox Earth were focused for find a way through the mines that shall be the most dangerous place they had ever be. Or one of the most dreadful ones that consisted with a very curious fragile terrain within the gaps and rocks that once conformed the copper mines. The groups of Pleadies were trying to find routes much safe and keep advise with Jinda about the circumstances within the cave. Place were Teo had been seen through the reflection of the lamp he picked up before making his own way through the darkness and very unstable place unbeknownst with the three Scampixies, Pixana, Pranx and Trixie.
The fire dancing of the lamp started to extinguish as the last branch started to be eaten by the flames. Teo burped in satisfaction as looked the once dish that was a cake on, then look on the Scampixies who started to use their legs to kick hard the chains but without avail. The tugs against th
:iconrunekeriandrake:RuneKerianDrake 3 7
[SFE] The Last Show P1-2
A continuation after The Mirror Eye
It was morning within the forest where many pixies, fairies, wild pokemon and small groups of Scampixies used all the day to gather their own food, items and many things while live their lives in peace yet having careful to not mess with the dangers ahead and around their once-peaceful forest. And more with bounty hunters who like to capture them to sell them at markets, dark places where the money and gold to obtain one of the creatures is high. And many are willing to obtain more than one jus to fill their own pockets with the money they might obtain for a successful capture. Thing easy said than done. Since the pixies, fairies and scampixies are more connected at the nature itself they can be very hard to obtain... And hunter might lose more than their patience by capture just one of them. The opportunities are more than fresh and everything is possible.
It was those mornings when in a small shack ubicated a few miles away yet near the fore
:iconrunekeriandrake:RuneKerianDrake 3 9
[SFE] The Mirror Eye
A small gift like story for HectorNY I wanted to do.
It was night at Alphabase, the activities within started to get more and more soft around. More the Starfox Junior Division. The night had provided a nice and warmth welcome at all inhabitants within the place, and many others who happened to pass by to help within thanks at the advanced technology displayed at the workshop and the vehicle bay. There are a few more who happened to be inside with the new discoveries both Fox and Krystal had found through many months and few weeks. More things started to happen around Earth, but that would never impede nor stop Starfox Earth to discover all mysteries and resolved them in time. Or defeat enemies that messed with other members from the base and got punished for such actions. Or just find new companions while on the move in certain dungeons that started to appear more often in different locations. Making more and more the exploration to discover what might be hidden.
However, as al
:iconrunekeriandrake:RuneKerianDrake 4 10
Happy birthday hectorny  by foxy21a72 Happy birthday hectorny :iconfoxy21a72:foxy21a72 1 2 Happy Birthday HectorNY (2018) by ShadowQwerty64 Happy Birthday HectorNY (2018) :iconshadowqwerty64:ShadowQwerty64 5 2 Pokemon Trainer Creator by jcling Pokemon Trainer Creator :iconjcling:jcling 15,156 4,841 Crystal Prism Visitor ID Card by AshWolf-Forever Crystal Prism Visitor ID Card :iconashwolf-forever:AshWolf-Forever 10 66 Fist Bump by TheBlackNova Fist Bump :icontheblacknova:TheBlackNova 8 17 CATS by hounded CATS :iconhounded:hounded 583 49 W3 - Bokko by waraya610 W3 - Bokko :iconwaraya610:waraya610 3 3 The Outcasts - HectorNY by Jose-Ramiro The Outcasts - HectorNY :iconjose-ramiro:Jose-Ramiro 55 24


Heading Home
Our final commission for :iconxsakuyachan510x: has Xin Xin and Blythe talking and heading home.
Getting Settled
The third commission for :iconxsakuyachan510x:. which the outside of the car being parked.
Finding a Space
Our second commission for :iconxsakuyachan510x: has a close-up of the girls finding a parking space and slowly backing up.
Getting In Out of the Rain
Here's another set of commissions for :iconxsakuyachan510x:. The first one continues from where the last set end with Blythe and xin Xin entering a parking garage which is in where they live. Good to get out from the rain.
Excuse Me, Is This Yours?
Looks as if :icontheowlgoesmoo:'s little deer character, Birch has gotten herself in trouble again. Only this time she was rescued by a group in which Tiny was in. But when Tiny removed the gag, he found himself getting an earful of Birch's attitude. Fortunately, it takes a lot to anger Tiny so after he learned her home address in which she demanded to be taken, Tiny put the gag back on her and decided to deliver Birch in this little tied up package. Heaven knows what was Urz's reaction when he answered the door and sees Tiny holding a bound and gagged Birch in his palm and asks, "Excuse me, is this yours?" followed by an explanation as to why she's in her predicament. Be sure after Tiny left Birch with Urz and leaves, Birch is going to have to explain herself once Urz removes the gag.

Birch (c) :icontheowlgoesmoo:

Commissions are Still Available

Tue Sep 4, 2018, 2:09 AM
Commissions are still open for those who want to see their OC's or other characters in 3D. Will need to make some cash to take care of a couple of upcoming bills. The prices range as follows:

Established character - $5

Starting Point by HectorNY

OC's - $10

Kimiko Kitsune by HectorNY

Group picture of established characters (Three or More) - $15

ReadyTo Part by HectorNY

Group pictures of OC's (Three or More) - $20

Golden Sirens New Look by HectorNY

For those who have bought commissions with me, you would get half off on the prices since I still have the files of your OC's. However, the files will be deleted after one year if no other projects are commissioned. All commissions are paid through PayPal.

I will not do any renders that considered NSFW nor do I do Fetish Pics. The topic must be PG-13 at the most.  I will appreciate any type of help for this situation. Thank you.

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Hector Montalvo
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
As you can see, I enjoy baseball, as well as cartooning and music. I do tend to put all three together in fan fictions that I write. Right now I'm in the middle of writing one. Whether I post it here remains to be seen.

Current Residence: New York, NY
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock
Operating System: Windows 10
Favourite cartoon character: Too many to list starting with Kimba
Personal Quote: Age is a number and mine is unlisted.



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KaidokJ Featured By Owner 3 days ago   Digital Artist
Thanks for the llama :happybounce:

I knew a llama once. At least I thought I knew him. I mean, how well can anyone really know anyone, much less a llama. With their air of mystery and thinly veiled contempt. It’s hard. But I digress.
His name was Kevin. But for reasons I will never understand, he would only ever answer to Albert. Identity issues aside, things started out okay. The usual introductory sniffing and sneezing went well, despite his allergies, but then things started going downhill during the ritual licking phase of the pleasantries. We pushed through. And had it not been for the spitting, we might have even been able to make it work, but alas, after just 3 seconds of bittersweet brotherhood, we finally decided to part ways. It’s kind of sad, when you think about it. Spitting seems like such an innocent thing to fight over, but he was pretty adamant that I should stop and that was just never going to happen. We might have overcome that issue, but Kevin, like all llamas, was very competitive. First came the stench competitions. Then it was belching contests. And lastly, a painstaking count to see which one was hairier. You can clearly see why our relationship was doomed. The poor fellow was a bit of a sore loser.
So he snuck out, taking with him a failed friendship, an obliviously optimistic dread of the future, and my sixth favorite toothbrush. Now that he is gone, I can honestly say, it's for the best. He was too much of a chick magnet anyway and who needs that drama? :shakefist:

Full disclaimer, as Kevin’s official biographer, a position of which he blackmailed me into (don’t ask), I’ve been instructed to inform you about his ongoing series. The journey starts here with The Kevin Chronicles - Chapter 1, and this gallery contains the rest. You should check it out.

*End of cue card*

And don't worry, they're pretty short.
No pressure though, only if you want.

HectorNY Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome.
h-perales4 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
thank the fav
HectorNY Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome.
BigMac1212 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
I don't know if I asked years before, but how far are you from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?
HectorNY Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
When I was there I was at an area in which I can see the parade but now very close. I was probably about 10 to 15 feet from the route. 
GeorgieGanarf Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2018   General Artist
Thank you for the watch! :D
HectorNY Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome.
TheDevastrophic Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2018  New Deviant Student General Artist
Ok. The first chapter is up finally. It is pretty much the opening sequence. 
HectorNY Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
All right. I'll look into it.
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