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[SFE] The Ancient Element P5
A continuation 

Bailey and Falcone were still on the road as they proceed at the point that they were going to, the investigation about the fire oso makes them wonder if there are animals or forces that has immense power and shall do anything with them good and bad alike. Yet, with that thought they might had a problem. While humans can defend with heavy firepower and many tactics to defend against threats, there is one enemy they will never overpass but there are many men and women in power who fight against it reluctantly.
Either way, they stopped in a small village again where the driver had to rest for the drive. Also, give at the old bones of Falcone movement by keep his feet and legs in one position all the time. Bailey just took a nap inside as he had nothing more to give but listen the conversation about the two elder men before him, they were talking about politics and many things happening in USA. In one point, the driver mentioned the name of an ancient
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Gazing into a Gaze
It looks as if Twilight is seeking help for her ladybug phobia. When she went to see Bagi, it was suggested that Bagi would try a form of hypnosis on her.

Twilight: I'm not sure. I've tried hypnotism before with Starlight but things got a bit messed up.

Bagi: I heard about that incident from Starlight. This time we won't have any interruptions. Now look right into my eyes.

Twilight then sees Bagi's eyes slowly begin to glow and Twilight going into a trance. From there Bagi would slowly suggest that ladybugs are harmless and they are really a friend of nature. If this method can help Twilight get over her fear of ladybugs, perhaps she can use it for her fear of quesadillas.

Twilight Sparkle model by :iconkp-shadowsquirrel: and :iconunrealfox:

Bagi (c) Tezuka
Fashion Fear
Keeta is always happy to wear any new apparel but this particular pattern has given Twilight an extreme case of anxiety. Perhaps it's time that Twilight finds a way to get over this phobia.

Krystal model by :iconcharleyfox: and :iconldragon:

Twilight Sparkle model by :iconkp-shadowsquirrel: and :iconunrealfox:
Unexpected Invitation
After their analysis is complete, Fox, Krystal and Marcus turn to Rosanna.

Fox: Thank you, Rosanna. You have provided us an important clue that could lead us to some space pirates that are on the loose.

Krystal: Now that we know what their ship is like, we will have ways to track it down.

Rosanna: You're welcome. I...I...just feel overwhelmed by all this.

Fox: Well, you know you've done us a great service here.

Rosanna: Thank you, Mr. McCloud. I guess I better get going.

Krystal: Rosanna, it'll be dusk soon and I think you better stay here for the night. 

Rosanna: Are you sure about this?

Marcus: It's all right. We can take you home in the morning.

Rosanna: I don't know what to say.

Fox: We'll get you a room ready. Marcus, in the meantime, show Rosanna around the place.

Marcus: Will do, Dad.

Rosanna suddenly goes blank again.

Krystal model by :iconcharleyfox: and :iconldragon:

Fox and Marcus McCloud models by :iconunrealfox:
Lori's Wonder
As Fox and Krystal walk down the halls with Lori Jackrabbit, Lori was full of questions.

Lori: This is quite a place you have here. It's bigger than Princess Longear's palace.

Fox: Thank you, Lori. Tell us more about yourself.

Lori: My brothers and I have worked together to defeat Devan Shell, a turtle who was bent of taking over Carrotus. He even went as far as kidnapping Princess Earlong in order to take over Carrotus. But my brothers and I were able to foil his plans.

Krystal: Sounds as if you're a very capable fighter. Any other interests.

Lori: Well, I'm into painting and athletics. We females have to keep in shape. We have to show that we can be strong as well.

Krystal: I agree with you there.

Fox: Since you may have to be here for a while, it's best we show you around and introduce you to the crew here.

Lori: Thanks. I'm curious to meet your fellow members.

Krystal model by :iconcharleyfox: and :iconldragon:

Fox McCloud model by :iconunrealfox:

Lori JackRabbit (c) Epic Megagames
Secrets from the Future
As Fox and Krystal take Peni Parker through the Alphabase, Peni couldn't help admiring the place.

Peni Parker Icon : Sure looks different back then.

Super Smash Bros Melee - Fox Icon : What do you mean?

Peni Parker Icon : Let's just say your descendants will be adding a lot of additions to this place.

Krystal Icon 4 : Best that we don't know. Any knowledge could alter the future.

Crabs Look Interesting : Agreed. Peni, do you need a type of shelter for your spider?

Peni Parker Icon : Is there a workshop in here? I would like to work on something until I head back to my time.

Krystal Icon 6 : I guess so. We'll take you to Lily since she likes to tinker.

Krystal model by :iconcharleyfox: and :iconldragon:

Fox McCloud model by :iconunrealfox:

Peni Parker (c) Marvel

New Commission Prices

Fri Mar 15, 2019, 6:05 PM
Still in need to raising cash for my financial situation, I'm going to establish the following commission prices.

Pic with a solo character or two characters whether it's an established character or an OC (Provided that the OC can be put together.) - $5

Champion Krystal by HectorNY

Group pictures of three or more characters - $7
Discussion and Thoughts by HectorNY

I will not do any renders that considered NSFW nor do I do Fetish Pics. The topic must be PG-13 at the most. Also if you intend to ask me for a commission please be able to pay. Twice I have had situations in which commissions were not paid for and I ended up wasting my time on those pics. All payments are to be made through PayPal.  I will appreciate any type of help for this situation. Thank you.

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Hector Montalvo
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As you can see, I enjoy baseball, as well as cartooning and music. I do tend to put all three together in fan fictions that I write. Right now I'm in the middle of writing one. Whether I post it here remains to be seen.

Current Residence: New York, NY
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock
Operating System: Windows 10
Favourite cartoon character: Too many to list starting with Kimba
Personal Quote: Age is a number and mine is unlisted.



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