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Sharky the boxer by HecsabaTH Sharky the boxer by HecsabaTH
Again from other account

This guy like seventeen years old he's involved with my yolo group his name is Stephen he's a boxer but alot of ppl callled him as sharky or shark something like that and its a couple of reasons why but info later ,and he lost a match to a big guy recently and he's kinda pissed about it so he's working extra hard for the next one Kim found out he's in town
And she brought Jen and Natile .


Kim walked in the gym along with Jen and Natile " um do you see him anywhere" natile asked kim " mmm.. That guy over there but idk " kim said " try calling him " Jen suggested kim nodded " Hey Sharky!" The boy stopped jabbing and then turned around his eyes widen as looked at the person that called him " hey Jen that lady looks like she's having trouble with the weights ... And I need to go to lady's room " natile said Jen aid the woman and natile goes to the restroom . kim smiled ad Stephen " wow you changed aaalot , I almost past you up " kim said jokingly hr chuckled himself " yeah you too , what have you been up to these days " he asked " I fix cars and draw cartoons!" She said " oh really so when my car's down you can help me out " he asked she nodded "I see you gotta tattoo, shark when you get it" she pointed at his right arm " he shrugged " about a couple months ago " he said and he noticed the weird goggles hanging from her shirt "kim what are those? " he asked she took them off " goggles they help me when I'm working on a car and stuff , it it has small windshield wipers for clearing the glass " he chuckled when she put them on and the wipers were moving " that is really cute " he responded " hey are you feeling okay .. Because well I can see the bruise on your cheek and a Lil from your eye " she asked in concern " oh that ...pfft I had a match .." He said knowing that you would bring it up " we should do something together and catch up and maybe you can come to one of my matches" he said " yeah sounds good to me " she gave him her number Jen and natile came up to the two " oh these are friends of mine Jen and Natile " she said he shook booth of their hands " well I guess I'll see you later kim.." He reached to hug her she huged him she whispered to him " oh my gosh your really sweaty " he chuckled and responded " thats just the warm up " they both let go gave one more smile before she left " hey Jen... Natile take care of kim she can be a handful " Jen and Natile said in unsion " we know " and all kim did was facepalmed herself trying to his her embarssed blush
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April 18, 2016
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