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Keep Control ! W. i.p by HecsabaTH Keep Control ! W. i.p by HecsabaTH
Cant wait to outline and color CX

So this is jack hes part of my YOLO sqaud Natile asked kim and jen to come with her to some dark role play and she made jack do it knowing well that he's got beef with one of the main ppl and YOLO sqaud know about him / changing its all in a comic i need to finish up . its new to him he trying not to get upset during the role play because that person is pushing his buttons and if he beast out uh theyre gonna have some major problems and natile gonna be pissed and never let it go she is most of the time petty to him and she did make the outfit and he'll rip it in pieces if he doesnt gain control. It he has to keep his cool for 4 hours ..

" hey jack are you alright" jen asked in concern "dandy.... Kendrick is pushing me around and i can't do anything about it and if i lose control I might hurt somebody , this stupid attire will be nothing but strips of clothing I'll never hear the end of it! Nothing that pleases that girl , Natile just- arggggh"
"Hey, hey Jack calm down my friend you're getting worked up, for kendrick just stay out if his way if you cant just remember he can be beaten at his own game but i would keep it quiet, and for Natile yes she can be over the top , but you know she bragged about you coming here and doing this for her , she might not seem like it but you do please hee you just have to catch it ." Jens soothing words calmed him down his hands and everything else was back to normal putting a hand on jen shoulder and smiled lightly " thanks Jen .. I need it " he said "any time jack common lets see what were suppose to do next "
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July 4, 2016
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