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Haruki by HecsabaTH Haruki by HecsabaTH
I made a type of anime character i really like him he like a serious are eyes dull mmm he like levi from attack on titans except he wasn't inspired by that character . he grew up with my necko michi he knows how to deal with her . he can do like power thy hings like when anime chacters rage then they hsve this auta around tjem be all powerful , he does that type of thing but if hes like really made ght happens and its a dark arura and he wont be able to hold back it goes big distance so everybody run , his gang stayed to see a fight he first rge infornt of them they thought it wasnt too bad so they styed ended up all in a hospital dun dun duunnn hes not a gary sue he has weaknesses he can get a beat down he can get hurt or could die . story time just short about what they're talking about ...

Michi looks at him with baby eyes almost jumping up and down because she really wanted the stuffed Anka sanke fish shes been wanting for awhile now shes been asking him ( the wrong person lol) to get it for her " please haruki-chan could you pretty please get it for me its adorable I promise not to bother you like this any more " she said he looked at her with motionless eyes then closed them and turned his head and crossed his arm " nope , I refuse.." He said flatly " please I'll do anything " she said " beat me hand to hand " he said she did the loudest groan " you always win always think im winning then I end up on my back to the ground you alway beat me no matter hard i try" she said stomping her foot in frustration he chuckled silently amused by it " enough... Now lets go back to the others " he said started walking away she sighed " wait up haruki " and followed him
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July 12, 2016
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